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A Day will come where Americans will agree, Bernie Is Right

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill routinely sends email to elicit opinion from not only her own constituents butothes  accross the nation.  a request to complete a survey with Citizens United, Planned Parenthood and Health Care are the issues they seek the electorate’s opinion.

Upon completion of the quick three or four question survey, a request is made to write your Representative in Congress to voice your opinion especially in regard to health care.

In my case, Hon. Rep. Sander Levin represents me and his record of support and votes to further progressive legislation for the middle class and those in poverty is impeccable. In other words, my words become an affirmation of his moral and ethical stand on this and other issues. This includes Affordable Care Act, overturn Citizen’s United, saving Planned Parenthood, etc.

My hope is those of you who reside in those Michigan Districts write their respective representatives to voice and demand a reversal of their opinion or face a reversal of fortune. That is, where Republicans occupy seats in Congress are removed by the voters in 2018.

The Republican Party represents lobbyists, outside interests and elitists who have no regard for health care for ordinary Americans as a Right.

Here are the comments I added to the email “letter” to Rep Sander Levin.

“The ACA is only the first step toward universal health care and a majority of Americans support it. They have demonstrated through town hall meetings, protests, etc. Yet, Republicans have brushed it off as a non issue. Democrats, moderate Republicans and Independents must increase the pressure on those in Congress (or Insurance Industry and others) to educate voters and citizens that a single-payee system in place, Medicare is the only starting point that makes sense.

Those who oppose ACA or expansion of universal Right to Health Care must be consistently pursued to make public WHY?  The answer became absolutely clear when recent Republican effort to repeal the ACA failed and the Fact they offered no replacement ever drafted in their eight years of opposition. This is unacceptable and treated as such by Americans as Republicans such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell have violated their oath of office as they dismiss the wish of their voters in favor of multinational health industry and especially Big Pharma.

If those in Congress, Democrats come up short in bringing the people to demand health care, perhaps a Public Relations firm should develop an ad campaign to expose that most Republicans simply oppose and work to defeat ANY health plan, even Medicare. They must be exposed as elitists who believe a vast majority of Americans do not Deserve comprehensive health care”


If you tend to agree with any part or in whole that Medicare can serve efficiently to administer the Right to Universal Health Care, Medicare is not perfect. There has been over-billing, errors and outright fraud where a handful have taken every advantage to rob the funding. However, the private Healthcare Insurance and Health Care system is guilty of the same errors and abuses. In fact, they have driven up the overall cost of healthcare and life saving prescriptions that is unethical in most cases and criminal in others. Look at Kermit, W. Virginia where over 4 million opioids have been pushed down the throats of a population of 400 residents. This one example serves as a call for Americans to end the status quo.

Medicare is only the beginning to enact a better, less costly health care system that will rid the system of fraud and over zealous billing by our current health care providers.

I urge you to write your Representative and Senator regardless where you reside. Email, texts, tweets and telephone calls are one way, but a huge delivery of a mountain of mail to bring home your message and concern. Please remember that your children, grandchildren and all future generations are in jeopardy of a deterioration of health care coverage and denial of life saving procedures, treatment and medication.

Note: There is a page accessible from my blog where you can locate your MI Representative and a link nationwide. Please, find the time to pen your personal plea, fill an envelope and place the “forever” forty-nine cent stamp. Mail this, your vote so to speak and inform those Republicans who oppose must face a basic human benefit for everyone. If they continue to oppose, they should refuse their own Cadillac health care benefits and submit their families to the system known as a safety net: MEDICAID.  

Support the unrelenting efforts on your behalf of Social Security Works at their website.

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"The Most Beautiful Cake In The World" - Donald J. Trump



(Caution: This slide show contains graphics and language that may be unsuitable for diabetics).

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Revised April 9, 2017




From: Michael Phelan, Social Security Works
Subject: The biggest Social Security expansion bill yet*

Every day I sort and purge a deluge of email as the one I cite above. It seems at least a dozen emanate from various websites and organizations united, standing up for what is both admirable causes and truth in government.

One of which is that is worthy of your attention if not your direct support. The fight at the front is within Congress. They find that there is the unseen agenda of a dominant Republican Congress with an end goal to dismantle your Social Security under stealth of the Trump White House.

The majority of the pleas to sign a petition in support sent via email are what can be considered “signature worthy.”

However, with this specific request beyond adding my name in support, I took full advantage of their “comments” box to expose my opinion. (The text is contained within this blog piece).

They are diligently working to bring on board Democratic members of Congress who are undecided or leaning to the right. They need our prodding.

Social Security Works is championing life changing legislation known as
the Social Security 2100 Act that has 157 co-sponsors or more than 80% of the House Democratic caucus. The move among the organization is to achieve 100% Democratic support prior to any battle with the economic conservative right in Congress.

To those who reluctant Democrats who have not signed on they must reflect on economic reality today and the unethical practice of those who oppose Social Security in part or in whole.

Democrats, Republicans and those who have been at the top of our most wealthy must pause to reflect that these benefits have become a 90-year sacred trust with Americans. "Walk a mile in your neighbor's shoes."

Go live among the poor and your declining middle-class people you represent. The profit before people climate they embrace has become so one-sided, it is "immoral" in the eyes of all religions and anyone who claim to embrace empathy and compassion.

One TRUTH is Social Security is here to stay! Your constituents will demand it. They will demand expansion in lowering retirement age and increasing minimum and raising all benefits.

Our future economic prosperity requires that ordinary Americans share in the profits over decades as a Fair Deal. Only lifting the cap on FICA taxes entirely will move SSA toward solvency at no cost to those highest wage earners at the top.

Any of those among the most fiscal conservatives iterate their basic argument that entitlements must be subject to funding cuts or a sudden death simply unwittingly mislead or deliberately deceive an enlightened populace. They fail to mention that those of the most wealthy, the CEO and executives who will be subjected to “paying their fair share” or more will react as they “offset” any loss through one simple solution. They "raise salaries and privileged benefits" to obscure any and all increase in their taxes. They fool no one.

The most wealthy have a moral obligation to reward all of those who have elevated them to the top. There are numerous facts and reasons to list in supporting an expansion in benefits will save our prosperity.

Let those who waver in support, let those who fail to meet their responsibility to the voters who empower them with a sacred trust return to the poorest districts and Counties in their States and spend the privilege of the time they all enjoy whenever Congressional is in recess and return to reality of America, not Washington, D.C.

“We the People” Should Dare Congress

If I had one idea that I wish and pray were come to pass is one where the majority of Americans could rally behind and bring to fruition. Americans must demand an exercise unique to democracy and hold our leaders accountable without influence. It is time America reveal the true nature of their character and courage to stand up to outside influence of a Foreign power and that of a privileged billionaire class.

Now is the time for a new generation to measure the moral compass of every seat in Congress. America should demand a vetting process unlike that applied to Trump's cabinet. Some suggestions are detailed below.

Let our Representatives in Congress enter into a pact with their own electorate and prove they have “the interest of the American people” at heart. Let them shed the privileges of lofty position. Let them come home to McDowell County, W. Virginia, let them live with the jeopardy of unsafe drinking water for their children as those in Flint, MI fear every single day. Let them live in any of the core cities across the land and live the "reality of the high-tech revolution where the eminent survival and the future of children is nothing more than the collateral damage inflicted by an economy embedded in greed fueled by a religious dogma where profit is the end-all for success.

 Our Reality is that the American Dream has no recognizable “family values” plays out everyday enslaving a majority, deconstructing the middle class to a point of near extinction. All of which is blatantly carried out by a small minority of the privileged among us.  The wealthiest two percent ensure their future afforded them through the inequitable tax system.  

Over time, the wealthy money changers have employed a system of protection guided by financial and corporate interests who employ covert agents (lobbyists and the manipulators of Wall Street) who remain unrestrained by law, fill their coffers at the expense of all who multiple jobs at lower wages, without job security and protection. The paradigm of American business is “do more with less” at an inadequate minimum wage our Congress would never accept. But, they would have you believe when they campaign on a falsehood they are self-made. The truth for many is their success is only possible through inherent privilege.

Let these modern plantation owners spread horizontally or in the skyscrapers covered by clouds, work multiple jobs, long hours and the indignity where overtime pay is treated as mere fantasy and deemed as sin to a system where Citizens United is the dogma.

The conservative opposition must undergo an epiphany where the inadequate or denial of affordable health care plan (one Medicare can provide both quality and cost efficiency) is the rule, not “alt-facts” they adhere.  Conservatives must come to a realization that it is an absurdity that common Americans can save for retirement or set aside funds in a medical savings account.
One scenario (or for sake of example) is to contemplate that for our politicians such as Sen. Mitch McConnell, return to those Counties in coal mining areas of his beloved Kentucky. Demand others such as Speaker Paul Ryan come to W. Virginia and acknowledge the plight of their proud and courageous citizens forgotten in McDowell County.

Americans want to witness Speaker Ryan look directly in the eyes of every resident admitting "wealth-care" was ill-conceived and immoral. Let Speaker Ryan reflect, perform a self-examination (fitting with this Holy Week, guided by his own Faith) and swear support for a Single-Payee Health Care Act for all as a right of citizenship.

The two majority leaders should live their own reality. They should strip himself of any and all privilege afforded him. Let Mitch McConnell live in the same substandard housing, wear the modest clothing, work in the same coal mines, go chose between food or medical care and the reality of those he is sworn to serve. Let Congress prove their loyalty and that no outside special interest, Foreign or domestic controls the outcome of their vote.

Upon experiencing in mind and body several of these repentant retreats, the reality check and soulful reflection then return to Washington and dare to oppose these programs. They take credit for the rallying cry of "Family Values" but fail to walk the walk.

As a reminder, they should be compelled to wear the "shoes of others" for a period of time to a point they are tattered, worn and torn. As many poor among us, make them wear the boots of the coal miner or those migrant farmers who gather their produce. Or, what of the muddied shoes of the fisherman, the heavy steel toe of iron workers or those on the assembly line. It may be extreme, but how about shuffling the streets like that of the homeless.

Let these legislators of the law that benefit all of America stand on the floor of the respective houses of Congress and put forth if they dare, their argument to protect the wealthy who have no need and argue against popular moral reform to restore dignity and financial stature to all Americans.

Let them stand naked (metaphorically) and continue to spew forth the tired and flawed arguments and display their hypocrisy for all of the nation and the world to witness.

And in the end, let these same over privileged and under the influence, drunk with power and driven by special interests dare to seek re-election.

*In response and support for Social Security

To: Alex Lawson, Michael Phelan, Social Security Works
Subject: The biggest Social Security expansion bill yet

Monday, April 3, 2017



Przemek Karnowski gives a Bear hug to Dave Collins (Partner as Center)

Gonzaga moves toward destiny as NCAA Champions Tonight! 

Scottsdale AZ, Monday, 3 APRIL 2017, Polish-born Przemek Karnowski will center Gonzaga University's Division I Basketball team with all of Poland offering their prayers in their quest for America's NCAA Championship. For those of you in Poland and the USA, Gonzaga is a Jesuit University founded in 1887 named for Saint Aloysius. The campus is situated along the Spokane River in the State of Washington. The school borders a heavily wooded area no doubt reminiscent of the great forests in Poland.The strength inherent in the trunk of the tallest tree will be present on the floor by Przemek Karnowski. 

Przemek Karnowski - Starting Center

Visit Gonzaga for a virtual tour, the history of a Liberal Arts University, campus, admissions and the Mission Statement, etc. Gonzaga has grown as a legitimate basketball team on par with the largest universities who are named to the tournament. It is shocking to see the school has a student population of only 7572 with 5160 undergraduates.

Go Bulldogs, Whew! Gonzaga moves on toward their destiny to the NCAA Championship Monday by defeating solid South Carolina in a nail -biting one-point April Fool's Day semi-final.
I can scarcely believe it has been 18 years when Coach Mark Few began a program at this little known Catholic University. They were not the biggest team (lacking any player close to 7' tall) in that first tournament, but they are the hard-nosed team that never gave up. Today, the Bulldogs’ 7-footers, senior Polish-born Przemek Karnowski and freshman Zach Collins block shots and control rebounds.

They embody Bulldog tag and captured the imagination of the nation. The following 18 years they upset the giants in their bracket. Gonzaga will overcome the perennial favorite in North Carolina that suffered a heart-breaking loss to Villanova in last year's National Championship.
Look for these Bulldogs to nip their way past the Tar Heels. This year the team I chose with my heart over mind has made it. Unfortunately, there was no office pool to place my money.

Here is a link to Gonzaga's sports website:

Saturday, April 1, 2017


April 1, 2017 - Dateline Washington D.C.

President Trump Addresses Flynn Claim of Immunity Comparing it with a Baseball "Squeeze Play"

You May Be Thinking The Same As Jim Leyland "How The Hell Did I Get In This Mess?
Or, why is the spacing so off? I am baffled as anyone.

Shawn Spicer Spins White House Press Corp Asking Aren't YouTired of the USA Winning?

Spicer followed up hinting Steve Bannon plans to rename the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania as "CASA BLANCA" as a counter strategy to those of Mexican Heritage and not confuse Trump Tower as the tower of power as this week's top story among fake news media has been the controversy surrounding former Chief Intelligence Officer Michael Flynn with what the President describes CNN propagation of another fake news story.

"This is the fake media, fake news as a "Blitzer" upon the public exclaimed the President through fall guy Shawn Spicer. At an early dawn press briefing, Spicer stated for the record "all of this talk is as phony as Russian Dressing on a Cobb Salad.

Washington print and media reporters have given "unfair coverage to the Flynn story calling it just a "long fly ball splicing foul at the Left Field pole."

"The Splicer" (Shawn's secret pet name among the press) now claims the media has "blown the call" and hints at coach Bannon's advice, the President may challenge the umpire for a "formal review of the play."

Jared Kushner, the key White House unpaid advisor on Foreign Policy states unequivocally and absolute certainty, that the GoPro surveillance captured "clear" and "convincing" replays to overturn the call of immunity because Michael Flynn's "big toe never touched base while running out a routine groundball to shortstop the Truth. Kushner was heard to "cry foul" as CNN Wolf Blitzer pressed his ear to the wall. (Blitzer has been benched from the press corp}.

"Flynn was too late to claim immunity when TV broadcasters stepped aside for a commercial break."

White House top Nationalist Steve Bannon expresses doubt that Flynn's precarious lead from first is just another desperate media pickoff move by Democrats and leftwing pitchers. Sore election losers as the timing of a throw to catch the White House off the bag is sour peanuts.

"If Flynn gets safely into second" claims Bannon, "the House Unintelligence Committee and Chair Rep Nunes will hear "clubhouse banter" substitution as testimony stemming from last season's losing democratic pennant race. Anything they submit is merely hearsay and "bullpen trash talk" that is never taken seriously by the game's best managers and starting major league players (such as favorite Washington Nats, not to be confused with right-wing Nationalists of the not too Breitbart News).

Bannon then challenged his captured audience with "What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?"
An unknown spokesperson is attributed in throwing a spitball claiming "since the top of inning one, the sore losers within the democracy are pushing a hit and run by pressing for unnecessary and fake testimony. They hope to convince the House Committee on Counter Intelligence that off-season meddling did occur. reveal about Trump campaign collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

As the Press Secretary made his bid to wrap up a White House ninth inning save, KellyAnne Conway cleverly slid her smartphone under her bag and made her way to the mound sending Spicer to the showers. In her unique Ivanka style, Conaway put forth her patented perspective, "we don't know what intelligence information the President may be privy. I mean Afterall, he is President and this is another APRIL FOOL!

A second Spicer (or spicier release) is while the "fake news" Media speculates what the White House will strategize to sidestep the Russian Investigation, the President left his office forgetting to sign new executive orders.

The President retreated to the Oval office and began backtracking to a previous event, the WBC (World Baseball Classic) taking credit for USA First Victory. It is reported that the President began penning his own story with quiet manipulative language native to his humble Brooklyn upbringing.

President Trump is determined to inform if not iterate and reiterate it was his guile, his guidance that led to the first USA Championship two weeks ago in the World Baseball Classic.*

Spicer released secret documentation that months ago, the President met with team General Mgr. Joe Torre (former NY Yankee), convincing through a "beautiful negotiation" insisting that Jim Leyland was the only choice to be named Manager of Team USA. Trump said the former Tiger manager is the only man that could defeat a "ragtag Latin gangs."

The President claims and Spicer stands behind him that these teams are a "field of misguided dreams" and they are undocumented players snuck onto Latin team rosters.

He holds countries such as the Dominican Republic, where they employ a massive "wiretapping of illegal recruiting" of aliens to their rosters by way of unknown MLB Intelligence agents.

The President has hinted that Raoul Castro was behind the interference in player selection to "sway the outcome of the event."

Trump boasted "We are going to win so much, you're going to get tired of winning!" KellyAnne Con-her-way followed up on Fox News with the exclamation of APRIL FOOL!

* Wall Street conjectures are that Trump's pronounced claims with MLB and WBC is a prelude to an upcoming purchase of the New York Yankees by Jared Kushner. It is widely held belief that Kushner will use his $700 million profits from real estate windfalls to acquire the team for the global Trump empire. Oh, that is the Ivanka Trump business empire.

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MARCH 24, 2017



The Republican-American Health Care Act is now scheduled for a floor vote, up or down, yea or nay this afternoon. There is time to contact your local representative in Congress with your collective voice. The message is simple in Michigan, Vote No on the Republican fake health care bill that is a $400 Billion tax cut for the wealthiest two percent. 

Contact the Republican delegation and remind them they ALL face re-election on November 6, 2018.

MI House Republicans Washington Office Telephone
Bill Huizenga District 2 (202) 225-4401
David Trott District 11 (202) 225-8171
Fred Upton District 6 (202) 225-3761
Jack Bergman District 1 (202) 225-4735
John Moolenar District 4 (202) 225-3561
Mike Bishop District 8 (202) 225-4872
Paul Mitchell District 10 (202) 225-2106
Justin Amash District 3 (202) 225-3831

Tim Walberg District 7 (202) 225-6276

Ballotpedia is a comprehensive website for identifying and following all representatives on the Federal, State and local level. They follow news and legislation for each state. I signed up to receive their newsletter by email and will learn how helpful they are in providing important data.

If you would like to find out how Health Care affects your state, go to 
You will need to type in your browser or (Ctrl+C) and copy and paste