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Over the past few weeks we have all read our own comments and questions about the devastation brought on by an earthquake in Mexico while Hurricane Harvey stalled over Houston almost simultaneously drowning the city with 50 inches of rain. 

Within a week the mother of all hurricanes, Irma had started as a tropical storm on the east coast of Africa and traversed half the globe over the Atlantic and transformed into a Category 5 hurricane. Irma became the poster child for Climate Change. Irma's quick ascendancy into a catastrophic hurricane shocked meteorologists at the National Weather Service, the Weather Channel and every television forecaster. 

All Americans here and in the Caribbean held our collective breath, praying for the best. We have all witnessed the destructive aftermath. However, Irma was not alone as the National Hurricane Center experts studied those tropical storms to follow: Jose and now Maria.

As I write, Jose has spared most of Florida by taking a new course up our eastern coast and now is battering shores of Long Island and New Jersey while planning a trip up to the Cape.

Worse, Maria is taking a similar path as Irma and has Puerto Rico dead in its eye. 

Upon viewing all of the cable news and weather service live reporting the weekend of Irma, I then noted the History Channel's upcoming airing of "Two Degrees: The Point of No Return." 

I have noticed post's on social media the concern and questioning of just "what is happening? Is this the end?" Are these horrific events the same as quoted in the Book of Revelations? I cannot answer those queries, but this documentary does present the history of climate change, the science of climatology and makes an impressive argument that the Earth is talking to us. The documentary should scare you. It presents all of the arguments that mankind has taken a toll on the global environment that will only bring more horrific storms, hurricanes, polar melting and the horrors these events will release. There will be the resurgence of disease as we already witness with zika virus and malaria. But, it gets worse as science explains. Medieval disease known as the "Black Plague" that wiped out more than half of Europe's population will make a comeback. These diseases were never eradicated or treated with a vaccine. 

The future looks dire with the erosion of the permafrost of the Antarctic. As global temperatures rise, the melting glaciers are unearthing the carcasses of animals who came to a quick demise in a Ice Age. Now, man's indifference to what we have released into the ozone and atmosphere is defrosting these forgotten diseases such as the "bubonic plague." 

It makes one think of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail and the scene where the town-crier is calling "bring out your dead!" Bong, as he beats a drum. And you see the cart stacked with bodies. Hilarious at the time. Comedic genius. But, this scene may one day play out in a neighborhood near you.

I highly recommend that everyone view and study "Two Degrees: The Point of No Return."   You can stream online or find on demand from the History Channel. I can guarantee you will not like some of the depicted horror of life on this planet Earth, but for the sake of future generations you will be informed and glad you spent the time. Time is in short supply, so we must all act now. 

It is not all doom as the film presents remedies available right now to counteract the effects. However, as optimistic as they appear the final solution to stop a rise of one more degree will rest with all peoples, all nations in reigning in the true causes of global warming. We have a battle ahead with those who protect with our lives the fortunes of the fossil fuel industry. 

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Thursday, September 14, 2017



In the aftermath of a major catastrophic event, politicians will push their way to the front of the media cameras to grab the optics so to show their constituents “they are in office to help, no matter the cost.” You heard it first from President Trump even before Harvey or Irma hit landfall. He promised the full power and resources of the Federal Government in coming to the rescue.

To date, “the Senate approved $15.25 billion in disaster aid as part of an agreement struck by President Trump. The bill passed by a vote of 80 to 17 on Thursday afternoon. The House is expected to quickly vote on the package, despite growing opposition from fiscal conservatives who oppose pairing aid with debt and spending elements. 

This initial aid package of $15.25 billion breaks down this way.

  $450 million for the SBA (Small Business Authority) disaster loan         program
  $7.4 billion in grants for housing affected areas (HUD?)
  $7.4 billion for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

If that seems like a ton of cash it is, but remember this aid is only the beginning of the flow of new debt to Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and other affected areas of the Caribbean. The total long-term investment by taxpayers will certainly enter triple figures for taxpayers.

However, this $15 billion will only aid to restore power, water, clean up roads and get businesses back up and running. The huge effort will follow as tens of thousands of homes will require rebuilding. So, why not examine what we can do to not only rebuild but work with a vision toward reducing our fossil fuel dependence. 

Here are some actions or stipulations Congress should demand upon awarding contracts or entering a long-term plan in restoring housing and infrastructure in a bottomless pit of a spending spree.


If you viewed any portion of the week long evacuation from southeast Florida with the dire predictions of the impending doom of Irma, you saw vehicles, trucks and cars in an endless parking lot going north on I-95 and I-75. Many took heed of Governor Scott and his plea to evacuate, but many ended up in places like Jacksonville, Naples, Tampa only to learn in short order that Irma had these locales in its path as well. Who knows how many residents of Miami got back in their vehicles to head further north.

Tens of thousands of residents in Southeast Florida simply could not afford or have the means to evacuate, thus were forced to shelter in place.

The solution is obvious: Mass Transit. The U.S. lags far behind most competing nations by ignoring our “rail system.” China, Japan and Europe and have developed far superior “bullet trains” to move people from place to place on a daily basis. In Japan they are putting in place a bullet train that will safely deliver passengers at 350 mph. 

Imagine if such a bullet train system was in place in Florida, for example alongside I-75 and extending as far north as Michigan and a second line mirroring the path of I-95 along the East Coast as far as Boston.

Imagine if high-speed bullet trains were available in the prelude to the storm. The trains could carry those disabled, vulnerable and without the means to evacuate quickly and with order. The need to keep southbound lanes open to gasoline tankers would have transitioned the move to contrabound lanes of I-95 and I-75 that actually never was deployed as a strategy to evacuate.

Japan's latest train tops out at 350 mph with 750 passengers

The electromagnet trains of Japan must be in our future for sake of our economy, the environment, climate change as well as ease of people friendly transportation. High speed rail is long overdue and must be a top project if we are to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure (one of the President’s promises).

When Congress and the Nation finally capitulates and makes high speed rail mass transit America’s number one goal, it must be overseen by our most reliable and efficient Army Corps of Engineers. It is much too important to be left to private industry who will sacrifice safety for profit.


Twenty-five (25%) of the homes in the Florida Keys have been flat out destroyed with 90% sustaining substantial damage. Florida Governor Rick Scott will point to the strong building codes adopted after Hurricane Andrew and adherence to those and other measures will ensure a safer future. He is only half right.

Governor Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio have clung to a palm tree in denial as the reality of Climate Change has done everything but blow them into the Gulf. Hopefully, the collective destruction will open eyes to truth. The Republican dominated state dares not mention the two words and speak more of weather patterns and adopting programs and building codes to adapt man’s environment rather than direct any effort to recognize the true problem.

Congress should enact a National Energy Efficient Housing Act. As we rebuild devastated homes in Texas and Florida the code must adhere to a level of energy self-sufficiency. This means in rebuilding homes and all new construction with solar panels on sturdy roofs and the concrete building codes previously enacted for Florida. Germany has adopted strict home building codes that include mandatory solar panel roofs. There is no excuse for not doing the same. 

Congress should extend strict building codes and energy efficiency to other regions we have identified as highly susceptible to catastrophic tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy snow or ice storms. In other words, customize urban and rural planning for unique locations to meet future energy need and anticipate any other natural disaster.

Wherever there is a neighborhood, city, region or island found in near total destruction, allow visionaries (i.e. Army Corps of Engineers) the opportunity to employ innovative skills. In other words, every effort must be made to move power, telephone and broadband lines underground. Whatever the conduit, lay pipe lines buried offshore to connect areas such as the Florida Keys, Caribbean islands and rural areas separated by natural barriers a secure connection to power, cable and “Rocket Fiber[2]” allowing the space to accommodate the latest technology as it is invented and those yet to see fruition.

The restoration of power is an imperative at this very moment to Florida and the Caribbean. Therefore, the genius of Rocket Fiber will not be possible in the emergency restoration of electricity, but demands serious consideration of any rebuild of the nation's infrastructure for the immediate future. And, there is no reason not to incorporate underground power, telecommunications and broadband fiber optics as part of a routine for FEMA. 

Nature’s destructive power as demonstrated by Harvey and Irma gives the United States an opportunity to extend Broadband Internet where it was not previously available. Communication of factual Information is imperative to a Democratic society as we now have learned with foreign influence upon social media impacting our last elections. The First Amendment must be afforded every American while protecting the efficacy of information from foreign intrusion.


Go to this link for a heartbreaking aerial video view (1:00)

A Glimpse of Irma's devastation to U.S.Virgin Islands (see link to Video of aerial survey)

St. Martin’s, St. John’s and other islands of the Caribbean (British, Netherlands, etc.) have suffered almost total destruction by Irma. The conditions are such they are almost inhabitable. They must receive expedited relief now and a comprehensive rebuilding plan on a fast timeline. These islands are 100% dependent upon the tourist industry for their very survival. Any plan to rebuild should set a goal to restore as whole within two years. The U.S. citizens residing and working there cannot wade through a sea of federal red tape. It’s imperative to put this population back to work to first rebuild and then resume their traditional economy. These small islands should be given the priority they deserve as they also serve as the pilot areas in testing the overall larger plan.

Whatever plan the Congress deploys in rebuilding Houston, Florida and the Islands of the Caribbean it must include the local population in planning and employing them as labor wherever possible. The most egregious failure of the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans is that the indigenous people were dismissed as part of the economic rebuilding. This left the Ninth Ward in New Orleans in ruins even today. Congress must ensure that no one is left behind.

[1] Senate approves bill doubling hurricane aid package, extending federal borrowing limit 
 The Fastest Internet In The World and headquartered in Detroit, MI. Visit this site.

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August 16, 2017



There is one optic that is becoming abundantly clear. This President does not comprehend that his role is not one written for reality TV, there are no re-takes and his words and actions cannot be snipped from the tape left to fall to the floor.

When I wrote and posted the original piece on Monday afternoon, little did I know that the President Trump would emerge from a Trump Tower elevator and began a verbal holocaust upon the press and the American people. 

When the President with a straight face stated that "both sides" were to blame. He explained how he now strayed from his first two statements ("one beautiful") and "waited to learn all of the facts" before issuing such an important statement. This is his biggest lie to date.

Tuesday's resulting rampage is the single most humiliating display of a President in our history. He took no prisoners and did not stand looking as a hostage forced to face the cameras in his White House reading from a text written and handed to him by the terrorists who kidnapped him. lashed out at the press and the new "Alt Left." I was unable to witness this despicable display of a Donald Trump standing naked to reveal his psychological core. The most incendiary moments are etched in our minds after seeing the video replay over and over again. The entire scene was surreal. One wonders if Elaine Chou mulled over in mind how she could escape. 

Then there is General John Kelly, the new Chief of Staff straying slowly as far away from the cameras so to hide his embarrassment and humiliation. It was as if he wanted to step forward, wave his arms and ask for a "video review" as if a baseball manager. It was as if he and others wished to stop the game, rewind the tape and give this matter an intentional walk (back).

At this moment, I wish to pause and ask you read my first post to determine if what I wrote then was in any way prophetic? I wrote based on my knowledge and experience and as these antics unfolded, I felt affirmation as well as sadness for our nation.

Did I go far enough in my condemnation of this President?

I take this pause to take a step back and examine, learn all the facts just as the President. I want to weigh all of the information, the statements of other government leaders and the cable news pundits. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

August 14, 2017

It is Monday and by this time many Americans may feel they are on overload, first the skirmish at Charlottesville and secondly what many feel are undo overdone and unending condemnation of the initial statement by President Donald Trump when speaking of the weekend violence. Many are saying that predictable criticism by Liberals is unwarranted. To the Alt-Right the constant Media review seems way overblown as well as unending recycling of the President’s statement denouncing “hatred, violence and bigotry on many sides …many sides” as the liberal media diagramming a sentence and semantics.

However, the inevitable collision of two distinct direct opposite identity of ideology has exposed an ugly predisposition of a racist embedded in American life. “This has gone on too long” is the six words Donald Trump spoke that is in fact, not fake news.
And this President’s failure to condemn unequivocally and speak with clarity that the violence and murder is inherently racist perpetrated by groups that profess White Supremacy, Nationalism and Neo-Nazism is in an Act of Domestic Terrorism.    


When the President took to the podium after the violence and murder on Saturday, there are some obvious signs of his overall unsuitability to lead.
  • ·         A President must address the nation in a time of crisis and speak to the facts of the event and that event alone. Someone, a Chief of Staff should have recognized that whatever the day’s agenda, Charlottesville is a tragic event and should have preceded any other pomp and circumstance. This called for sobering words of solace by one man, the President. It was a grave event worthy of space and time to air on television.
  • ·         A President does not give but a mere fraction of his time to address the Charlottesville murder and violence and then move on to proclaim his own perception of his achievements, his devotion to the health of Veterans and showplace his prominence at a table signing a bill.
  • ·         A President does not seize upon every opportunity to air his off script self serving unending campaign of half truths or fake news. This conceit is witnessed throughout the world community not with respect or thoughtful introspection. The world is watching. The world is hearing what is spoken and what is not spoken. They did not hear a condemnation of white nationalism, supremacy or Neo-Nazism. 
By ignoring the obvious and most grave truth, this President gave a blink and a nod to a mob mentality and more dangerous it gave fascism legitimacy. This is what the world witnessed this past weekend and for those who survived the horrors a precursor of things to come.

Our Western Allies, NATO and every free nation across the globe will remember the words spoken and those words they counted on from an American President. Like previous foibles and follies, untruths and dressing down our most trusted allied leaders, it will never be forgotten. America’s standing among the free world is losing its standing. Worse, we are seen as a world power not to be trusted by even our allies.

Our true enemies across the globe see further erosion of credible strength and a weakness they can permeate to their advantage in every way. They hold more at the bargaining table and have a wider crack in our firewall and are almost given an “open invitation” ca rte blanche to undermine our elections and democracy.

And this weakness, this inability to recognize the blatant racist hatred, violence and murder by political factions within our borders will invite more of the same. This is not an administration with insight, but one that by ignorance, blunder or design means to “incite” those within to more tragedy. Read his fellow Republican’s own statement.

“Here is a man with his name on their hats” and he cannot see or say it is a “domestic terror attack.” –Rev. Al Sharpton

“These groups feel they have a friend in the White House” – Sen. Lindsey Graham

What is absolute and critical, the abhorrent tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia is but a microcosm. A peaceful, planned demonstration was met by a counter demonstration orchestrated to provoke violence is not theory but fact. The White Nationalists, KKK and Neo-Nazi may have been organized to counter the former group, but FBI, DOJ, ATF and every Law Enforcement will conclude the resulting violence and death was planned by a few and carried out by one or two follower of questionable intellect, judgment and independent free will.
In the aftermath of all the condemnations by our political and religious leaders is what is yet to come. These events can play out again and again before our eyes anywhere in America. We can demand a national dialogue but we know this is likely to happen again. It can happen and it may incur more violence, bloodshed and death. It is morbidly ironic that the film “Detroit” a shocking story behind the ’67 riots recently premiered. Those of that era and still around know how these “incidents” happen.

After all the rallies, protests, counter demonstrations and calculated outcomes of political conventions has now so blatantly revealed to the world is the flaws within a broken system and how one team seized upon strains of hatred, disdain, intolerance to amass a core base to espouse nationalism. It is propagated in that label but leans ever so near fascism as so many got aboard, a majority stood fast to the right, tipping a delicate balance on a great American ocean liner to list far too right. The American ship of Liberty and Equality is dangerously close to capsizing.

While concerned crew and passengers scramble to move right motivated by individual conviction that they act to uphold American ideals inherent and propagated by what they believe is truth born in the past. What they fail to see is manipulation of fact over decades. As a united core, they are rendered vulnerable to falsehood, distraction and outright lies.

Those at the helm espouse a brand of propaganda baseless in fact, misinformation, and denial of obvious truth, plain and simple. The methodology only serves to instill “fear” to engage a crowd to act as a mob, whereas a leader with a steady hand brings calm, confidence and courage. Not to shout “fire” and then leave the room.  

Our American ship has a pretender at the helm. This captain has lost the confidence of those under his command. His selfish actions only further disrupt those who are faithful public servants performing with due diligence, support their commander and serve to uphold the Constitution. By the grace of God they remain steady to balance and keep this ship afloat in spite of the demoralizing even humiliating criticism hurled in epithet by an ill equipped and ill mannered leader.  

All that is Donald Trump Now Threatens the US Dollar and Economy to levels far worse than 2008

Our biggest fear is in what damage this President has caused to America in what we see covered daily in the media. They are the numerous bombastic pronouncements, the deterioration of our standing as the World’s greatest power and a Nation that leads and upholds Freedom throughout. Our United States is in downward spiral for the fact is all that is Donald Trump is contradiction, hyperbole, falsehood and misdirection that continues to erode the trust of all of our allies. They see us as confused as a President who cannot grasp facts. They cannot believe in our leadership when a President invites Russia’s top spies into the Oval Office where once Churchill met with FDR to garner the wit and the will to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. Western and Eastern Europe have every good reason to doubt our resolve when a President refuses to publicly admit our Intelligence Agencies are once and for all, correct. Russia remains the largest threat to our democracy and to any other fledgling democracy throughout the world.

This President all but gives a free pass, so to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the minds of our European allies (and would be allies) if “political collusion” did not exist during  the 2016 election, the resultant President is now in some covert way colluding with the Russia, a common enemy. This behavior, this thinking or lack of it is soon to be unpalatable to the United Kingdom, France and Germany. It is a joke to those in Australia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. But, it is not a joke to those who remain pro-democracy in Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia and the Ukraine. What this President gives no serious study, thought and the input of experts is more than a tweet, but an alarm to those who lived behind an iron curtain.

What is at risk is the American dollar.* This President and the leaders of his Party are by their negligence, exhibiting a measured pressure to replace the global “currency of reserve” –the U.S. Dollar. Perhaps when, not if the dollar is replaced by a “new world currency” not Euro, Pound or Franc, the “depressive recession” of 2008 will pale in comparison in the failure of this economy and further a plunge of middle class into poverty.

*The United States dollar is the most widely held currency in the Allocated Reserves today. Throughout the last decade, an average of two thirds of the total Allocated foreign exchange reserves of countries have been in US dollars. For this reason, the US dollar is said to have "reserve-currency status", making it somewhat easier for the United States to run higher trade deficits with greatly postponed economic impact or even postponing a currency crisis. Central bank reserves held in dollar-denominated debt, however, are small compared to private holdings of such debt. In the event that non-United States holders of dollar-denominated assets decided to shift holdings to assets denominated in other currencies, there could be serious consequences for the US economy. Changes of this kind are rare, and typically change takes place gradually over time; the markets involved adjust accordingly.

 "The Retirement of Sterling as a Reserve Currency after 1945: Lessons for the US Dollar?", Catherine R. Schenk, Canadian Network for Economic History conference, October 2009.

Saturday, August 12, 2017



"Tweety" (1951) Knows - Twitter vs U.S. Mail

When Congress returns from recess a budget is a first priority. There is no better time to make sweeping changes to the U.S. Postal Services than right now! Our postal system has been languishing behind other private competition, consistently losing money while raising the price of a “Forever” stamp.

No one can deny that with the Internet explosion of online sales that the overwhelming amount of mail is now cardboard boxes and packages from the likes of a skyrocketing Amazon and others. Federal Express and UPS are reaching a level of sales and profits that are beyond the stratosphere and their delivery system orbits the earth ten times faster than the Pony Express and “Snail Mail” for at least a decade.

The fact is the U.S. Postal Service has not failed to deliver, they have been sabotaged by systems, unsuitable delivery equipment and archaic rules, regulations and a host of bulk mail rates that simply lose money each day! This is the “junk mail” that continues to clog the mailbox to the trash bin to landfills. All of which is not necessary.

Our U.S. Congress can streamline services, lift worker morale, deliver “first class” mail in record speed and make MONEY! Once and for all let the U.S. Mail become competitive and make huge Profits!  $$$$

  • STOP all bulk mail advertising. This is those annoying anonymous flyers, pamphlets, phony coupon books, oversize postcards and anything addressed to Occupant, Resident or Anyone Residing items. Our carriers deserve to be treated as more than pack mules. The Internet provides more than adequate tools for this type of advertising.
  • ALL MAIL should be limited to first class mail with “forever” postage amounts.
  • Envelopes shall be limited to (1) one standard size.
  • Advertisers that insist that the “bulk rate” and “occupant” methodology is no longer efficient or in their best interest. If these marketers wish to continue, they will use the standard envelope and postage determined by weight.
  • The goal should be that routine delivery will be limited to “personal letters, bills, checks that cannot be direct deposit, or any legal documents without personal service. Eventually, by way of the Internet all of these items will be obsolete, or merely “duplication.”
  • Through attrition, US Postal vehicles should be replaced with the same type of panel delivery trucks used by private package providers.
  • Allow the US Postal Service a level playing field to compete with the ever increasing volume of packages generated by online sales. Let the postal service market themselves as the most reliable, efficient and affordable way to deliver goods.
  • Congress should decree an Environmental Emergency as far as refuge, litter, cardboard boxes, plastic packaging and other such materials. Let the Postal Service lead all other industry by recycling these materials making collection of  the boxes and bubble wrap as routine. Postal service can then sort, flatten cardboard and resell it to the original online outlets. Thus, creating an untold amount of additional revenue and saving local municipalities in handling the huge influx of these materials.


The adoption of a standard size letter and envelope will create an untold amount in savings in man hours, sorting equipment, reduction in the workload in quantity and weight placed on mail carriers.

The sheer number and weight, the varied sizes, etc. of items that run through “readers” and sorting automation will be greatly reduced. Breakdowns due a clog in the system can be totally eliminated if a standard envelope is used. Eventually the amount of “routine mail” may be reduced to a level where in the local post office, employees should be able to sort by hand easily spotting errors in address and zip codes.

Postage-paid envelopes should become the norm. The greeting card industry that generates a stack of Christmas cards that could reach the moon at ever increasing cost to the consumer should include a pre-paid postage envelope included in the exorbitant price now assessed in which a few have a monopolistic advantage.

With routine mail delivery limited to first class, certified and registered mail, carriers will eventually make fewer stops bypassing most homes who conduct their business online. Imagine, fewer lawns to cross, snow covered sidewalks, icy steps and canine threats.


Contact your Congressman and members of the House Oversight Committee

Gowdy, Trey Chairman (R) South Carolina 4th District 2418 RHOB - 202-225-6030

Cummings, Elijah  Ranking Member (D) Maryland 7th District 2163 RHOB - 202-225-4741

Three members of the Oversight Committee represent Michigan. "Write them a letter."
Amash, Justin (R) MI District 3 114 CHOB - 202-225-3831

Mitchell, Paul (R) MI District 10 - 211 CHOB - 202 -225-2106

Lawrence, Brenda (D) MI District 14 1213 LHOB - 202-225-5802

Some Other Influential Michigan Representatives

Levin, Sander (D) MI District 9 - 1236 LHOB - 202-225-4961

Kildee, Daniel (D) MI District 5 - 227 CHOB  - 202-225-3611

Dingell, Debbie (D) MI District 12 - 116 CHOB - 202-225-4071

Conyers Jr., John (D) MI District 13 - 2426 RHOB - 202-225-5126


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Here's To You Down the Hatch!




Millions of Americans received an email sponsored by ten different advocate groups urging you to sign on and respond to the call from Sen. Orrin Hatch for input on tax reform. The Senate Finance Committee writing a tax reform bill and they are not soliciting your views, opinions or objections but those of billionaires and mega-corporations as to what they would like to see in tax reform. It is the same as their health care bill. It is written behind closed doors without your input. This is the email I sent. It may have been received a day late. However, I felt compelled to be heard.

 “I may have been born late at night, but not last night.”

Here is my response to the Senate Finance Committee on Tax Reform and Chairman Orrin Hatch.

 To: Hon. Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee

(The suggested default wording in quotations precedes the comments I added in bold).

“I am a U.S. taxpayer, and I am opposed to Donald Trump’s and the GOP’s plan to give huge tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy corporations, which will be paid for by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other critical services. Half of the Trump tax cuts will go to the richest 1%, while big corporations holding profits offshore get a huge tax cut. Instead, we need real tax reform to make sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.

 Here are our tax principles that we urge Congress to act on:

 a) No more tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. They should pay their fair share of taxes―a lot more than they pay now.

b) Invest those tax dollars in our country’s future―in public roads and transit systems; quality and affordable early childhood education; public schools and higher education; researching new medical cures; and ensuring a secure retirement for all of us by strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

c) Eliminate all tax breaks that encourage multinational corporations to shift jobs and profits offshore.

d) Require corporations to pay the $750 billion they owe on their $2.6 trillion in offshore profits. Use the funds to rebuild roads and bridges, improve schools and create millions of good-paying jobs.

More Americans are now paying close attention to bills that impact their lives. Do not slip in changes to Tax Law that is earmarked for a wealthy few putting additional burden on 98%. Watch groups will be scrutinizing every item.

One reminder proves the case. Once the American people learned repealing Obamacare recognized this is the Affordable Care Act. Republicans know their constituents faced angry and a unified electorate demanding the ACA remain and Congress is given the mandate to extend health care. The same outrage will occur if your Finance Committee introduces to the Senate floor huge tax breaks for individuals and corporations. We remind the Committee; Senators are expected to work for all of the American people. How much longer will you ignore your oath of office?

"Not a penny more for Tyranny!"

Link to a Call for Action for Citizens to advise Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman Finance Committee

License To Lie Link: