Thursday, July 23, 2009


This morning's early news shows made much ado regardin g remarks by the President to a question raised at the end of his News Conference. The topic is that o f the Harvard Professor, an African American where local Cambridge Police arrested Professor Gates of allegedly breaking onto his own home.
Many of the pundits touted that the President's remarks were not appropriate based on his agenda to promote a universal Health Care Reform program.
The President admittedly stated he possessed a "bias" as he personally knew the professor in question who was treated "stupidly" as Obama is quoted.
The President also indicated he "did not know all the facts" of the incident but went on to criticize the police and make an example of the "profiling" of minorities in America, the progress made in recent decades in the improvement of racial relations and that his current standing in America is proof of that same progress.
The political pundits continued to insist his comments are out-of-line in this venue.
My opinion is that who has not spoken something they wish they could take back or an email or text messsage that cannot be recounted or erased? The President is only human like the rest of us and for the "press" to over publicize this issue should be tempered with equal treatment of empathy.
How many of these writers and pundits are without remarks made or words witten that soon became words they regret ever made public?
Give the man in the White House a break!