Friday, August 14, 2009

Revised Reflection on a Reflection: Mayor Coleman A. Young of Detroit

"I'm smiling all the time. That doesn't mean a goddamned thing except I think people who go around solemn-faced and quoting the Bible are full of shit."

The Honorable Coleman A. Young was continuously criticized from all corners across the country. He often found that profane language usually got a group's attention and he could then proceed to get his message across. This tactic is often repeated if you work in local or State government.

A book of his more flavorful quotes was published some time ago by Wayne State University Press. I hope to include more of his "grassroots" way of putting it to the powers that be. I cannot quote the source but research has proven that men and women who now rise to Executive positions as CEO for example will hear the word, "NO" but not listen.

The naysayer then finds themselves out of the loop or removed.
Psychologically, and perhaps too often the newly empowered Executive "comes to believe they are almost divine-like in that they are all-powerful, can take action no matter how incredulously harmful an idea or plan is proven to them as they now during tenure of rising a ladder of success become totally acclimated to a culture where "getting their way" is a given. If those in dissent (usually a minority of one) failed to fall into step behind their fuhrer, they are doomed and their careers no matter the contributions are put in the shredder.

HON. COLEMAN A. YOUNG did not give in to these corporate children who held all the toys and stood for what he believed to be RIGHT, JUST and DEMOCRATIC for the citizens of Detroit.