Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emmy for Reality TV? This is No Ordinary HOUSE!

Sunday night they handed out the Emmies in Hollywood introducing a new category that no doubt frost's some Davids' Hyde Pierce, David Foster, David Letterman, etc. You get the idea!
They have broken the Emmy Awards for Television into five different categories in order for one more to squeeze on to the sofa bed for "achievement in simulated reality' entertainment. Please note I do not recall the Academy stating it is for "outstanding achievement' as proven by the Emmy for the Best Reality Host of a conspired,not so spontaneous show: Jeff Probst of Survivor XXII, right behind Super Bowl XL Point Spread and that Canadian dude from the "Amazing Race."
Although his name escapes me for the moment, this intelligent and competent Canadian Reality TV Host has demonstrated more knowledge, skill, sense of direction and common sense than that of his White House counterpart of the past eighty-like years. And his Amazing Race to the front of the ratings, people's choice awards and Golden Globes coud never have been a "fix." No Way Dude!
The reason is that it would have been simply impossible to "clean up the streets of Warsaw, Moscow, New Deli, Bangkok and some remote village in Africa in time for the final scenes to be shot and all chads accounted!
However, you need not face any FEAR (wasn't that another insect infested show invading the west wing) as this Canadian with still no name may soon land a real job anchoring the News for a major network Nightly News show as Peter Jennings accomplished!
Afterall, the Amazing Race show has won best Reality Show like almost every year since Brandon mishandled a bow, 'dropping a weak arrow' to the ground in Survivor II1/2Men: AFRICA!
Now had they not been out of work for several months no doubt the Emmy for Best Host would have been awarded, and you can bet your buckshot on this Brandon, to the dynamic duo ... in a tie! Yes, it has been an Amazing Race the past eight years for the White House! The Dick 'n Bush show has kept everyone on their toes from "there goes Maine" to where the hell is Marsharif? (Yes, that's right! The Pakistani President just knew something was up when his elected successor was assassinated in the street before throngs of adoring supporters. Something clicked like the light bulb in Dubya's head, "I best move along and find a new rollercoaster of a program! Shame to lose all the billions in U.S. foreign aid he could shove into a military uniform and then there is the contributions from his smoky mountain pals in the NW Provinces, the Taliban man. As they told the Pakistan Military Commander and President for years, "Money and Marlboros are yours Man, just don't tell-its- band to the CIA" or at least Charlie Wilson.
Of course, not to stop there he no doubt received his contributions from the Saudi Royal Family for "outstanding performance year after year, shaking down the US State Department, Pentagon while wearing two different uniforms and riding side-saddle camel back races.
Don't forget about Osama now! He may no doubt emerged from his secret cave in the resort area to the north to send his Afghan Poppy production cut paid in US Dollars by US citizens! (How could this happen you may ask when grandma cannot put a two-dollar bill in a birthday card for grandson George and get it past all of the latest in US POSTAL spyware to detect dirty bombs, anthrax and any currency less than a $20 bill! It is those "bricks of $100 C-Notes that find the fastest route and air drop to some ----STAN country for Osama's pick-up. And you wonder why it takes Chase MasterCard months to report that they never received your payment (as it was no doubt shredded in the anthrax decto machine back at the Post Office).
A serious side to follow soon regarding the Premeire of "HOUSE" and the brilliant screenwriting, casting and magnificent performance of Hugh Laurie who in this two-hour show spends it in a mental institution as he pales in comparison to the "reality" of what was just described!