‘Going Rogue’ and the Aftermath of another American Tragedy

A friend recently wrote to me in regard to his personal experience in his survival of Hurricane Katrina.  He still is working to put his life back in some order, but grateful to be alive and start anew.  He and his loved ones “lost” everything but “Hope.”  In order to protect the privacy of his written text, the author only presents here a most perceptive and introspective response to this uniquely American tragedy and which in the aftermath, new politics, and new national figures took center stage.  New Orleans is rarely mentioned anymore in everyday media. 

Your message took some courage to share with me about the loss, destruction of property and personal lives and memories from your thirteen prosperous and wonderful years in the "Big Easy."  I wonder how they may refer to this great City now.
I presume you and yours escaped without much damage with the exception of the trauma and stress as Katrina hit land and then the overwhelming trauma and stress suffered under the Bush Administration and FEMA’s blind eye to the arrival of Katrina and the Weapons of Mass Destruction to follow.
It may be nearly impossible for most others who never meet up against the wrath of Mother Nature or God's Will in causing the catastrophic events of those weeks, turned to months and now years, still awaiting a full recovery.  Of course it at least momentarily shed some light and media attention to the incompetency of the Bush administration and his appointees to high post such "good job Brownie" as FEMA Director.
However, I need not tell you about all of the wrongs done you and your loved ones.  I will try to keep you in my prayers in hopes that all that is possible and more will be restored to you!  At least you know that there are the ordinary citizens across America that share our prayers and mourn yet one more tragedy of the past ten years that should have been handled with compassion, expertise and the genuine "feelings" and "honesty" as you have stated.
One good thing that may have come out of this is that Sarah Palin was not yet in the spotlight of the American people or the media quick to record what ghastly conclusion she might have said in response.
I believe she may have said "Katrina the Trip Hurricane was unleashed by the God Almighty as punishment for all those who gays and perverts in the Southern states just as they did in Florida, Mississippi and Fire Island!  It is God's way to wake up the American People to the 'Gay Agenda!'
These perverts Trick and Trip around, having sex without a thought to the consequences to a lipstick Dyke, who is raising some mentally disabled child to which she has no mothering experience!  Thank you! (Interrupting the two older church ladies' applause. 
These Homosexuals dare, they just dare to GO Rogue with this new thing they call 'ecstasy' gosh-darn it!  I mean to say that not even this hockey mom has had a chance to try it, of course paid through my Party's expense account.
(There is more applause from three executives of Goldman Sachs).
And you all know... you know they traipse around flaunting themselves at every opportunity to prey upon our young people to have unprotected, illegal Premarital Sex without a valid Marriage License!
Well the trick is on them! Ha-HA! (Wink left, and then winks RIGHT).
Because guess what hockey moms and pigs with lipstick?  These Sinners against the ninth commandment, these rogue-like purveyors of plots and lies who engage in premarital sex without a marriage license; well they isn’t ever gonna get one! Nor any divorce to follow. They will never get married in Alaska or any other evangelical dominatrix State or even Russia!'
Because, We the Righteous will track them down by helicopter if need be!  Then, We Shall See the Wrath of God as a Bolt of Lightning descends from skies above to prevail upon and penetrate the True meaning of 'Drill baby, Drill!
"Who are these people...anyway? Who masterminds this Rush to the Gay Agenda?
They must be really anal!"
Oh yes...I almost forgot!  Before You ... the members of the Press disperse, please deliver a Personal message from ME to Katie Couric, Nancy Grace or Lady Gaga.
I don't never need to read a book!  I just wrote ONE by rote and never had to fact check one wording.


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