Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pictured Above: Diego Rivera Murals in DIA Kresge Court; Depression Era

To Come:  Info on the "Aftershock of the American Economy" and potential depression that will make some think of the 1930's as "gay ol'days."  Anyone hear of Detroit's Repatriation of the Mexican population of that time and their forced deportation enmasse` leaving their jobs, homes, belongings and even their status as U.S. citizens.  It is known as I I recall as "The March of Tears."
A caravan of trucks and automobiles that they could gather undertook the long journey back to Mexico.  Many did not make it due to conditions and for the elderly.  These Mexicans resided in SW Detroit and other points due west near the FORD Motor Co. plants in River Rouge and Dearborn.  They came to work hard and achieve the American Dream.  They became citizens and bought homes.  They educated their children who learned the language so not to endure the hardships of their parents. 
Due to pressures of many white and other citizens who were suffering the effects of the Depression, the Mexican population was no longer welcome and they were stripped of their jobs, homes, possessions and hopes for children.
 But they never lost their Dignity or stamina!