Saturday, August 6, 2011

After thoughts of the Debt Ceiling Debacle

(Revised Monday, August 8, 2011) 
In the weeks leading up to "so-called compromise" on the Budget, the bitter, stubborn and  dangerous position of the Speaker, the GOP and  the Tea Party only reveals our government as divided and weak to the world.  Whether this is true or merely a "perception" the damage has been done.  The politicians who clung to "No New Taxes" or "Reform of Taxes paid by the wealthy see themselves as patriots and meeting a mandate by "their electorate."  They prolonged this debacle of a debate no matter numerous warnings as to a catastrophic  economic effect to our country, they could not bring themselves to listen and learn from senior members of Congress and multitude of economic advisers.  Some have described the Tea Party members as anything from "idiots" to "terrorists."  These labels may go to an extreme but the effect and damage is done.  The irresponsible  behavior of the GOP and Tea Party ranged from ignorance to disrespectful. The net effect of their incompetence to legislate and govern is easily measured by the reaction of the stock market where in the five days to follow, all gains in 2011 to this point have been "wiped-out."  
  • Do you doubt me?  Check your 401-K most current activity.  (Today, Monday August 8 the market began minus 230 to now 337 points and no doubt rising!  Will the GOP/Tea Party now vote for new stimulus funds to reimburse all that lost their retirement funds due to their blunders?  I think not!
  •  Check the S & P action to Reduce U.S credit rating from AAA to AA+ as they announce in almost every front page lead story.
  • Several well respected blogger from the Washington Post, New York Times and small independents all "blast the tea party using fear held many of the GOP to take their side than stick to principle.  Why?  They soon face re-election!
  • Polls indicate that the growing public disdain and anger toward Congress in handling the debate(?) and how many allowed the wealthiest of (non)taxpayers "harmless" to any reform!
  • U.S Jobs, jobs and more jobs  is the top priority of the public, yet Congress "rejected further government stimulus spending to increase  economic growth and "spin-off" job creation in the private sector by initiating a nationwide reconstruction to our infrastructure.  What does the Tea Party GOP expect?  Do you they believe private contractors and industry to "fix" this on their own at no cost?
  • The tax reforms adopted on the Federal and even State level place the brunt of raising revenue solely on the backs of those who can least afford to pay additional taxes while essential services and programs are cut!
Not if but when will the American People "wake up" to the abuse of power and the pro-corporate and richest individuals in our "pursuit of life, liberty and happiness" and where "all men are equal" with the exception of the President of the United States!

It will not be Sara Palin riding shotgun on a helicopter sounding an alarm, but perhaps someone such as "Boston Rob" with the refrain:

"Wake up! The Wealthy Are Here!  Enough is Enough!"