Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Am Sorry To Have Been Away. New Posts Soon!

My apologies for having been away for so long. But, the fact is that there have been so many developments in recent months, so many issues to explore that it has overwhelmed me. The most prominent is the 2012 Presidential election and the litany of topics of debate that churn the stomach and leave one in bewilderment. The multitude of GOP Candidates involved, then dropping out and more shocking, return for one more laugh. It is a circus and as exciting as reality television to rival the Khardasians.

Of course there is the Economy with the bank bailout, bubble burst in housing, the debt crisis and unemployment to name a few. It seems almost impossible to speak of politics without including the economy as these two are so intertwined these days. Maybe one might say they are a tangled mess of knots. To which I say anybody but Knewt, Mitt, the pair of Rick(s), Cain less Abel, Michelle and so on. (I believe Sarah is a lady-in-waiting, ready to kick everyone under "her bus" on the way to the Convention.

There are more local issues as well. Namely, Manny Moroun and his bridge to "nothing but profit" and his arrogance toward the ordinary citizen, politicians and Judge Edwards. Manny needs to be sent to the island along with twelve presidential candidates.

I hope to have blogs and posts on these and more in the coming days and weeks.