Friday, May 11, 2012

Cranbrook Bully or Barber of Bain: Would You Accept A Free Haircut From This Man?

Does this man have a well-adjusted psychological profile to be President? I am not an expert but it seems some Freudian psychologists will argue that calling out a vulnerable teen in front of peers, gaining support of his peers, then running with scissors they take their victim down and Mitt cuts his locks is a sign of some personality disorder. Would one not think?

Mitt was never held accountable. He was never punished. He maintains he doesn't recall the incident. However, if he ever got out of line 48 years ago, he is deeply sorry. The victim was soon after expelled from Cranbrook as someone "snitched" that he was smoking a cigarette on school grounds hidden by trees and bushes.

Afterwards, the victim led what is described as a "vagabond" life right up to his death of cancer in 2004. Prior to which he served as a medic in the US Armed Forces stationed during Wars in Bosnia and Iraq. He withdrew from friends and family. Could there have been any damage suffered by the trauma and outright terror when Mitt's eyes pierced like hot pokers to his classmate wrought with fear? No, of course not the pundits will say.

The pranks of a teenager as a member of a well-to-do family, who never be held responsible for his cruel acts against a fellow student as they were part of his hilarious nature. Even if the target was a vision impaired teacher, no one dare take notice. They were seen as one-time pranks and a  teenage phase he would outgrow. But did he? Or did it remain as much a part of him as he became the respectable, honest and fair businessman. One that would never resort to those schoolboy tactics to use in his business expertise later in life. A business venture that yielded high return by arm twisting investors as well as the companies they targeted.

Freud might conclude that this act of subjugation upon his victim has some hidden "unresolved sexual issues at work." It may also illustrate a strong tendency toward narcissism and a sociopath, as in liar. Thus, his six years of affirmation of his selfishness, arrogance toward others as less worthy, acts of cruelty toward those less vulnerable to him are personality nuances that just may border on abnormal. Bring all of these traits together with an ego that tells you that you "are above the rules" is not easily shed after high school and entry into the business world.

If nothing else these dehumanizing acts and attitude toward others sustained a deeper "imprint" into any man's psyche who had privilege of the same nurturing environment. It is an affliction of the affluent, well-to-do entrepreneur and of the less fortunate (born of meager means or poverty).

Mr. Romney asserts that in "those days, we never even thought the word homosexual" let alone speak it. Yes, I am almost certain his memory is correct in this case. Just as the shy, slender and bleach blond-haired, boy was caught smoking a "fag."

This occurred because of a boy 48 years ago who decided to dye his longish hair blond. Do you think the trauma he endured that day had an impact then, or later in life?

Ironically, his sister recently recalls that as her brother grew to manhood, he insisted he would maintain his hair as "blond" all through life until his death.

If only we could hear his words today -from a bully pulpit.