Monday, May 14, 2012

How Mitt Romney Became Obscenely Rich, Robert Reich Video Explains In 8 Simple Steps

During the recent GOP Presidential Debates over the past several months Mitt Romney was persistent in driving home to American public how he alone possessed the business acumen and savvy to lead the stalled economy out of this deep recession. He continuously hammered the President on how his economic policies are failing, little job creation and lacked his vision due to his education, experience at Bain Capital, as Governor of Massachusetts, and his last minute charge to save the  Winter Olympics.

Whenever questioned; or many times he volunteered to attempt to make the point to his audience how upon beginning to his career in the business world he worked hard and took risks. He eventually acquired great but modest wealth, paid 15% on his 2010 income taxes and "not a penny more" what was owed. He took pride then that he owned several homes and acknowledged most of his income is derived from shrewd investments, sometimes taking risks.

Mitt Romney considers himself to be a smart businessman who in true democratic capitalist style became successful and wealthy. "Why should apologize for my success?

In short the American People are not fully aware of "How Mitt Romney Became Wealthy" and that his Mission statement, his strategy, method and disregard for the American worker and their families was not exactly compassionate.

I believe that former Treasury Secretary and Professor of Economics can explain how Romney and Co. made their fortune on the backs of the U.S. Taxpayers and directly upon the workers involved in "private equity investment."

Robert Reich breaks them down in 8 simple steps and the video is less than 5 minutes. I will discuss some of these later in more detail or try to answer questions or post rebuttals.

This is ONE of the MOST Important Videos You MUST See!

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"How Did Mitt Romney Become So Obscenely Rich, Robert Reich Explains"

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