Friday, May 25, 2012

I Can't Believe This Is Happening. It Boggles the Mind!

My effort to research issues most important to the upcoming conventions and subsequent nominations for President is mind boggling. It also numbs the mind to learn that recent CBS and other polls find that 53% of the populace have not heard of the Bain Capital debate!

Can this be correct? After all of the time and effort I began months ago in digging up the "true role of Bain Capital" as the Romney core of knowledge and experience in business.

Today, "Google" Bain Capital and you receive an astounding 4,730,000 hits!

Yes, you read the number correctly. Bain Capital produces 4,730,000 hits on Google. This is an incredible number for me to comprehend when you couple this with the 53% of people who never heard of Bain.

I find that this issue requires further disclosure to educate the American people as to the "true mission" and record of Mr. Romney and his "spin" on the Wheel of Fortune. I believed by this time most knew of Bain and that Mitt Romney has been exposed as someone not to be trusted.

My take is that the education process exposing the true nature of Mitt Romney and Bain must continue. If those 53% of Americans come to read the  preponderance of evidence they rightly conclude Bain Capital in most ventures is a ruse. What is disheartening to me is that I feel obligated my efforts to provide information based on credible sources.

However, what is frightening is that with 4,730,000 hits on Google they have failed to reach a sufficient number of voters.

It boggles the mind the number of 4,730,000 may represent the number of votes that will decide this election. We cannot afford this to happen.