Thursday, May 17, 2012


The Presidential Election is only 173 days away. My purpose is to present what I consider the most important issues as they arise. So many times in the past three elections we hear politicians preach, "This Election is the most important you will ever vote."

I believe in the coming days we will hear the same refrain. I happen to believe it is going to be a turning point in the future of America.

Today, a GOP Super Pac lead by Karl Rove will launch the first volley with $25M in a television campaign blitz aimed to discredit President Obama. Mr. Rove is the main puppeteer during the Bush years coupled with additional "pull" of Dick Cheney. What regions of the country will receive the effect of the "shock and awe" of the TV ads. Most likely they will appear in the "key" or "borderline" states such as Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. No matter where they begin no doubt everyone is to be exposed to the propaganda, lies and spins on the truth about our economy, capitalism, job creation.

I have news for you. None of what the Republicans is anything new and let there be no doubt that through their spin they hope to convince many American voters to join in their veiled goal. They will not promote good paying jobs or a resurgence of a middle class. The ultimate goal is to reduce 98% of Americans to a lower rung  on the ladder of what was the Dream. They want to protect and enhance the wealthiest of our nation including themselves. Should the Republicans win the Presidency and control of the Senate it will solidify their plan to further divide Americans into a new class of serfs.

What I hope to achieve is to defeat Mitt Romney now, not after an inauguration where four years ago the Republicans empathetical number one goal is to remove President Obama from office. Thus, they created gridlock in Congress and violated the oath to their job.

Democrats, Moderate Republicans and Independents must come to realize that the GOP be stopped now and not before the entire economic structure of equality and the middle class disappears forever from our landscape. Most importantly, we stand united with our right to vote and reject vulture capitalism now and not adopt the Republican tactics of the last four years.

A reminder:
“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”