Monday, September 10, 2012

A Discourse on Mental Health

The Law is not OBAMACARE!

  US election 2012: Bill Clinton to give Democratic party convention speech

Bill Clinton "It's ARITHMETIC" Photo: AP

As both the Republicans and Democrats wrapped up their conventions, Carol Robinson raised the issue of Mental Health Care and its absence from Republican Party floor discussion or from the Convention Speaker’s podium, (one exception may be Clint Eastwood’s performance). However, it did receive mention in President Clinton’s speech to the Democratic faithful. In keeping with my mission, (Living on the Diagonal) I thought to utilize simple Arithmetic to reproduce our discussion here.

Carol Robinson I want a (National) discussion on the declining mental health system. I believe that there is a dearth of discussion on this issue. You have a PHD candidate who dyes his hair red, orders weapons on the internet and shoots up a movie theater. The Colorado incident is just one example of the many where good mental health practices could have prevented this catastrophe. What about mental health?

Gary Grzymkowski As YOU know, Mental Health funding is first to go. Mental Health patients have not the support of a huge Lobby.

Carol Robinson The private sector has a bottom line way of dealing with complex issues, Gary as you and well know. Admit them assess them and discharge them into the streets or to prisons.

Gary Grzymkowski  Exactly! They then become the homeless and petty criminals. The cycle continues: arrest, back in the correction system. As this remains the constant, the homeless problem is never going to be resolved. The "crime element" attributed to them

·          becomes the "reason" more common folk do not take up their cause. Thus they get little sympathy and support. They spend time in prison for minor crimes while A Wall Street's Republican Guard holds all the power over the rest of us. Many do not question their lofty positions. It is the investment banker, the private equity capitalist who is the true criminal. They must accept responsibility as well a long sentence to prison.

(Pause; Genuflect)

Gary Grzymkowski Gosh, it seems I am so smart, but it is the "on the job training," my co-workers and 30 yrs + that make it clear.

Carol Robinson Michigan closed the mental hospitals, and built more prisons. The mental health treatment in prisons is only available to people who are ready for release. Then once released they receive nothing!

Carol Robinson The most disenfranchised in this country is the poor mentally ill person.

Gary Grzymkowski It is both ironic and sad that the wealthy control legislators to cut to the bone mental health services as too costly and it and its welfare. The prisons are built then privatized for great profits to the wealthy. The wealthiest entities are driving up government spending because they are grabbing our tax $$$ to enrich themselves! No one thinks of it as welfare for the rich and cheating the government. Oh, they are almost glorified as job creators, visionary business leaders and as pure capitalists while the truth lies buried elsewhere.

Gary Grzymkowski Okay Carol, you got me started, I have to stop before I blow a gasket.

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