Tuesday, September 25, 2012

America’s Rebuttal of the Romney 47% Remarks –They Still Don’t Get It!

Like many of you, I became incensed and temporarily speechless by the audacity of Mitt Romney’s condescending and insulting remarks last week before his closest supporters and contributors. Mitt Romney still doesn’t get it! Romney took no prisoners in his   disdainful characterization of most Americans. Romney's remarks is overt, outright declaration of war never articulated precisely and unabashedly blatant in his utter contempt of the middle class. What is more abhorrent is his outright attack on the poorest, disabled and elderly.  If we leave Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to their "reform" and voucher approach to Medicare they will endanger millions of retired American citizens now and your benefits in the future. If you reverse, his same arguments apply them to himself and the wealthiest of Americans!

The Future of Capitali$m is a blog that promotes ultra Conservative view of our capitalist system that consistently points to President Barak Obama as the force behind an orchestrated move toward “socialism.”  This characterization is another example of the overall strategy going back to Bush/Cheney, Economics of Fear.

There is an adage that when you, Mr. Romney “point your finger” at one group and chastise them as the problem there remains “four fingers” pointing back at the mitt.

Senator DeMint of South Carolina is quoted in the op-ed piece in the Future of Capitali$m   from his book in a derogatory worse…” more than 50% of Americans now receive a significant portion of their income from government programs...Nearly a third of all American pay no federal income taxes. The larger the number of dependent voters grows and the fewer who pay taxes," he purports is the problem. the less likely politicians will have the political courage to stop the growth of dependency-creating programs."

The Senator has some credibility in the growth of American’s dependency on government help. However, what Sen. DeMint misses is the simple explanation behind his numbers. Does he and Mitt Romney truly believe that “slackers” voluntarily put their mortgages under water?

Did homeowners beginning in 2008 voluntarily default on their mortgages?

Do Americans whine because they feel they are “victims?”  You bet we do. We are victims of an absurd tax code, filled with loopholes for you and hops for the rest of us to jump through...

Do we believe government owes us entitlements? You betcha! (Wink)  We wish to be entitled to comparable tax breaks, working hours and benefits that they have.

Did they invade corporations using private equity philosophy and “business” practices close plants and fire workers? Where afterwards without any sense of morality and sense of equality they will only offer gratuitous wage and benefit packages to the same workers they fired! They must be delusional by their steadfast belief that this is American Capitalism. Does Mitt Romney, Inc really believe he can sell the public once again on this shell game?

Do they truly believe that is the failure and shame of a middle class, those who fight their wars that are to blame?

How can they use what logical abilities they retain that to continue with a progressive society and economy is a move toward “socialism.” And, to which we can only stem the infestation of fairness by eliminating the right of collective bargaining?  

Do they believe that in the depiction of Labor Unions as the villain? Can they believe America will continue to accept this lie?

The answer is a resounding No!

Romney points his finger that these same people “pay no taxes!” Is this a crime when you have no income or larger dodge of responsibility when the wealthy led by example of Mr. Romney avoid taxes by every means available including moving money offshore? The minute tax rates are irresponsible and in my view unpatriotic in light of the Crisis created by large institutional investors, banks and private equity firms (BAIN) saddle their takeovers with billions in debt, borrow to pay themselves and initial investors, leave the very government they control and then criticize to bail them out. All of this, they will swear is good business practice and private job creation. In reality, even those of us using simple arithmetic are not fooled with their move to erode, and then destroy the middle class.

Let there be no mistake, Mitt Romney and his army of corporate support only wish to advance an agenda to make government work for their ends and their needs first and foremost. 
They choose to ignore the premises on which our nation is found in promoting the general welfare (not welfare for themselves), equality of opportunity and the pursuit of happiness.  If you examine their words and actions, they actually flaunt their betrayal of the Oath and their individual responsibility to our Declaration of Freedom and Constitution.

We can trace this anti-union, worker movement   back to the '80s as the GOP strategy to destroy any progressive legislation that supports the dichotomy of freedom and equality.  They are the guilty privileged class in the mistreatment of all American workers and the failure to improve the quality of life. There are other nations that not only survive the threat of Marxist Socialism takeover, but also thrive economically while affording and protecting human rights and benefits for all. 

These nations possess fewer means, wealth and power than the USA. We have the resources and know how. However, due to the strangle hold the wealthiest of Americans on power we only lack the Resolve!

If there is division in America, the wealthy have built it. If this Election is a class war, they built it. The irony is how they take on a passive-aggressive offense where they are first to place blame on anyone but themselves.  This is a common psychological strategy and distortion of the truth. This how sociopaths divert, misdirect and project problems to an unsuspecting public. 

They use the tools of propaganda skillfully to strike First and to strike Hard and it is unrelenting. It is like "Shock and Awe."

For too long, we the People remain subject to the whims and corruption on Wall Street and a tax code that only favors the wealthy. This is the“culture” they built” for more than fifty years. It finds its' base in massive wealth and a disdain for those with less. They just don’t get it!

It is time we use the strength in the number of our Votes to overturn this corruption enacted over time. IT has failed. It is time to remove Citizens United, lobby groups with huge influence and run out their puppets in Congress. If the result over the next few generations is to reverse a corrupt philosophical failed practice and some redistribution of economic responsibility occurs, so be it!

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