Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Mitt Romney Just May Win or Steal this Election

Upon conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, the Election should be a landslide win for President Obama.

However, the Republican Party has already intensified their efforts to sabotage the election by every possible method. It is reminiscent of Watergate but on a scale 50 times greater. I would guess that before President Clinton concluded his masterful speech, top GOP officials were assembling in clandestine groups with one goal in mind, to remove Barack Obama as President. The propaganda may surpass that employed by Nazi Germany in the rise of a sociopath.

Here are some of scenarios I envision in the coming sixty days.

A deluge of Romney Campaign Propaganda by way of a "shock and awe" or "blitzkrieg" upon the public to promote their misleading and new spins to reverse the truth of Democratic accomplishments and "take credit" for the same brave visionary actions. For example, Mr. Romney's "brass" opinion appearing in a NY Times Editorial where he as President would allow GM, Chrysler and DETROIT go bankrupt! Of course when it became apparent that the "loan guarantees" of the Obama administration not only saved the auto industry but a renewed prominence, Mr. Romney blatantly boasted his advice as saving GM and Chrysler! It is just not true.

Undermining Federal and State Voting Rights Laws (Jim Crow Laws) under attack and voter suppression as an outcome.

Campaign Advertising and Media blitz (100''s of million dollars) unrelenting in placing the American voters to overt and even subliminal messages that may "brainwash" the public to accept the outrageous lies and spin on the truth. I can remember how Michigan Gov. George Romney in his bid for the Presidency professed how he had been "brainwashed" or to accept the lies about the Vietnam War from the Pentagon.

Make no mistake about it. The GOP will use any method, legal or not to steal this election as they did in 2000 and 2004. Beware America, this election is subject to the subtleties of voter tampering and outright fraud.

Be prepared and remove any objects near your armchair as election returns come forth on election night, or in weeks and months to come as you will need to resist every knee-jerk reaction to through your shoe at the television. Remember the other shoes in our history. The Republicans want to win at all cost. If it means that the vast majority of America and their livelihood is endangered, they "will bury you."