Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Last Poke to Post Election Reactions? Oh Yes

Romney, Ryan, Rove, Rush are 4 'R's that lost the 2012 Election + One More

When the concession that Mitt Romney had lost the Presidential Election of November 6, 2012, the American people can see for themselves who the "real" Romney is in his post election remarks. We also heard from Rove, from Ryan and Rush.

These four in particular cried in their milk the morning after and the next morning and the entire week since Mitt's devastating personal loss. Romney felt their "numbers"  (polls, early voting) were just somehow, dang'nabitt wrong! And to not criticize the failings of his campaign strategy and his staff he went on to pontificate that President Obama "bought the election with gifts to his voting friends."

He issued American Dream Act, College Loan forgiveness, promise to keep planned parenthood and choice alive in Medicaid funding and additional other surprises to mostly his core support: blacks, Latinos, poor women and young college students.

As the sitting President he has every right to initiate and enact such promises as he sees as being fair, non-partisan and the damn right thing to do.

Paul Ryan could not only carry his home state of Wisconsin, he did not win the majority in his small hometown of Janesville. First time in decades Mr Ryan could not capture his friends and neighbors. What does this say about the potential V-P and his budget plan, deep cuts and the dismantling of the Medicare and Social Security Fair Deals.

Mr. Ryan went on in televised interviews that gave similar post-mortem reasons why they lost as those of Romney. He gave particular attention when he came to mention that in the "urban areas across the country" (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit to name a few) the GOP "simply underestimated the turnout of the vote." Yes, and especially those carrying gifts from the President to the polls.

Most have seen at least in retrospect Karl Rove's absolute denial of the vote tally in Ohio. "Don't call it yet!" he exclaimed to FOX News reporters and producers. "There are more votes from out counties" mostly rural that will turn this around. Of course Karl Rove was this one time dead wrong about the state of Ohio where he carefully orchestrated wins for George W in 2000 and 2008. It makes one wonder did Rove have inside information in what strict voter identification laws and the newly installed, GOP contract voting machines might again work miracles at the final hour.

Rush Limbaugh nearly went ballistic with his radio tirade on "How We (the Republicans) are simply "outnumbered" by a growing minority vote that will soon be the strongest voting block, taking the elections away from rich, old gray-haired members of the GOP faithful. How dare they (minorities) fall for Obama's promises and budget busting gifts!

When news of the undercover video recording of Romney's remarks to big money supporters about his disdain for the "47 percent freeloaders who pay zero taxes and want to live off the rest of us" brought to attention, that this 2012 Election was about Class Warfare and Racism.

In the week to follow the election, Mr Romney who had backed off on those 47% remarks to say he is "for all Americans" retracted again in remarks made in thanking his wealthiest supporters. There is no need for him to mince words now with the election loss and his certain departure to retirement.

To these Republicans which I refer to as "the four horsemen of the Apocalypse," Romney, Rove, Ryan and Rush now without actually saying it is that the Republican Party is seen as Rich and Racist. They blatantly flashed around their billionaire individual backers, the Citizens for Untied lobby and the Super-Pac organizations to forge a certain path to the White House and the Mandate they received from the voters to continue their deconstruction of the remaining safety and pro-people programs in the U.S.

They were wrong! They misjudged the American People when they repudiated their endless string of TV propaganda. The four "R"s could not foresee that hundreds of thousands of the poor and a shrinking middle class  would see through the ploy of Super-Pacs and the "Romnesia" contradictions would only strengthen their resolve. Millions stood in long lines, in the face of a hurricane and storm disaster that followed to exercise their right to vote. They stood for long hours into the night to cast a vote, one truly meant for themselves  to perpetuate righteously, a belief in the American Dream.