Monday, November 5, 2012

VOTE, Stay the Course and move FORWARD!

  Time is Now and Your Money May be On the Line

The PRESIDENT OBAMA Campaign may have furthered their cause with the slogan moving FORWARD, but repeated the Republican Clich√© of “STAYING THE COURSE!” After all, it seems to serve well when a Republican President pleaded for re-election. If so, then you should remember that it led to four years of disaster on every front.
The most often repeated criticism and demonization of President Obama and the Democratic Party is their predisposition of spending and running the country toward financial ruin. This argument does not hold water and how many times must America be informed?

Is there something that I am misinterpreting from the bar graph? I see “red” bars as wild deficit spending for wars and military placed on foreign credit. The alternative green bars indicate a prudent approach toward a balance that actually became reality under the Clinton administration and that George W. Bush financial philosophy as “spending like a drunken sailor.” 

After ten months of Republican Primaries and about 22 of almost laughable debates that reality TV could produce, one candidate among the extremists emerged as the winner as Gov. Mitt Romney. He won his party’s nomination for President as he presented himself the least of candidates to self-implode before the public.

The August Republican Convention was almost universally seen as a flop. History and the American people will only remember Clint Eastwood’s sad presentation before the country and humiliation he suffered at the prompt of Mitt Romney.

It got worse. In his acceptance speech Mitt Romney never spelled out his five-point plan to restore the country. The plan never added up in terms of a budget that will not burden the middle class.

However, the Democratic convention was an immediate success in that in produced powerful speeches in support of Barack Obama’s record and vision of a future. Aside from Michelle Obama’s heartfelt words, Barack’s acceptance speech to move FORWARD, there is one speech that will be recognized as one of the greatest. 

President Bill Clinton took the podium and mesmerized I believe the convention floor and anyone watching on television. He detailed the Obama record and more importantly took apart the opposition plan to restore America as playing to wealthiest one-percent while dribbling in double talk to the middle class. The same middle class and the poor who bore the burden of the policies of the past eight years and may face some regressive new ones should the profit minded win.
Bill Clinton summed up the Romney plan as one that is aggressive but the Federal Budget Office and every independent economic study agreed the Republican agenda could not come into a balance.

President Clinton spelled it out as “simple arithmetic” that most anyone who balanced a household budget could understand. Romney’s plan is based on faulty good old-fashioned ARITHEMETIC.

After three Presidential and one Vice-Presidential Debates it is up to the voter to make a decision. No matter how you cast your ballot, it is your most important duty as a citizen to participate. Can we continue to place trust in a system where the US Supreme Court usurped voter and state’s rights came to appoint a winner. Citizens need take notice of suspicious counts in Florida and Ohio where Romney has a large stake in the company that supplies the voting machines.  Remember YOUR VOTE COUNTS! However, there is the exception of Florida and Ohio perhaps.

If you believe in justice, an equal playing field, true compassion for those who suffer through natural catastrophes and those concocted on Wall Street and the American Dream, there is but one choice: