Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year! I Have Been Away Too Long

The end of 2012 came so fast and I was exhausted after the election and happy with the result with some reservation. My goal in writing since the GOP debates began early 2012 was to give it all I had to defeat Mitt Romney.

I noticed as I was writing most of my blog pieces centered on the follies, falsehoods and outright lies of Mitt Romney and eventually all of his supporters. He produces so much comic material that it is impossible to resist taking every opportunity to allow him to self-destruct.

The point is I did not need to defend President Obama's record. Whew! I am grateful for that in some ways because it is difficult to convince people that "We are moving Forward" when the numbers and the GOP spin on his achievements were misinformation, inadequate support and some outright lies.
So, I have been thinking about a number issues to write about in the coming year.


The first being the catastrophes of Newton, CT and then the school shootings today. I am mystified that some people do not believe there needs to be government action in banning these automatic guns with 100 round clips. I know it is not that simple as Gov. Chris Christy stated in his interview recently on the Today show. He said he could support national gun reforms, but qualified this by indicating that the issue is not as simple as that. I agree. We must remove not only the stigma of mental illness but Congress MUST provide the funding to provide services to individuals if they consent as adults. The system and I believe supports the "Rights" of the individual, but also develop and put in place a fair, just and without violation of the Constitution. I have some of my own ideas on this and will follow up just as time permits. No I didn't say, when I have my gun permit.


In case you missed Vice President Joe Biden presiding over the swearing in off all the new Senators and Representatives, he once again had some perilous moments in just talking with the newly elected and their families. I need to search You Tube for more "out-takes."

However, I heard today that sources within the TV networks will propose to the White House they wish  to introduce yet another "Reality Show" with cameras rolling 24/7 on the life of Vice-President Joe Biden! Whoa, what do you think about that.

Good Day! TTYL