Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day, Washington, D.C. January 21, 2013


I am listening and viewing of NBC coverage of the Inaugural utilizing a “mixed bag” of Today Show and Nightly News celebrity, an ironic thought occurred. You may recall over the past four years when “Jenna Bush” conducted interviews with the President Obama and how she “gushed” over First Lady Michelle and the Obama daughters makes me wonder if she will change political Party.

Watching NBC coverage of the early pregame precedent Presidential coverage of the Inauguration Day, did I hear Brian Willows just say... "You can't waive a dick without touching a motorcade?

Oh, maybe I misheard. Brian may have said, "Waive a STICK..." not a dick as previously reported.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, and future president, Hillary proudly displays their pride and privilege with their mere presence at historic Inauguration.

However, former Republican Presidents, George H.W. Bush, George W. and Dick Cheney prompt the comment they prefer to be TV viewers in private seclusion. There are those that believe they declined Secret Service and FBI promise of extreme security for fear they are in fear of Indictment!

More than once, NBC has been filling time while the Executive Office and the Congress attend a prayer service followed by a "coffee" break. WHY does CONGRESS use this "time together" to CAUCUS on America's critical issues to come? Again, we witness a waste of taxpayer money!

With the Inaugural crowd growing in numbers and exposed to the cold, volunteers are distributing blankets and American flags. Amazing how Washington reacts immediately to such inconvenience while casting adrift victims of Hurricane Sandy just weeks ago! 

Worse, there is a rumor that while Gov. Chris Christie and NY Mayor Bloomberg distribute  blankets to the needy only to be followed by the  Mitt Romney Family in keeping with Bain Capital  principles and proclaim  their legal  possession. I believe they are searching for the top 2% in order to recognize their true patriotism and the God given right to be filthy rich.

OH, well.