Saturday, December 28, 2013



You must admit, he ruffled some feathers!

By this time you know the A&E Cable Television Network has now reversed course and re-instate Pat Robertson to his show. Network executives at some time made the dubious decision to create a an episodic reality show entitled "Duck Dynasty." I question the competency and integrity of the network's executives and producers. With the advent of cable television, the A&E network mission is to introduce and steer the general viewing audience to the Arts & Entertainment productions that ABC, CBS and NBC would never touch with a ten-foot antenna.

From concept to the introduction to the American Public the network aired "live" concerts, ballet and entertainment within the definition of "Art" the general public had little or no exposure.

A&E from its inception produced some quality programming that helped fill a void that Public Television could not due to Congressional financial support. I mean why not continue giving huge oil and corporate subsidies while eliminating the Right of the Press (Media) out to "expose" their insidious practices!

Over the years, A&E seemingly faced a decision to decrease air time for live performances of the Fourth of July Boston Pops concerts, Metropolitan Opera, topical documentary and the global film community that "risked" their existence to provide America with alternative views of corporate (let's say) shortcomings.

As a result, the network bowed to corporate and conservative (Republican pressure to pursue profit over balanced views and in many cases, Truth. With other regular networks replicating other "reality" programs that were skyrocketing in rising audience and more importantly the ideal consumer demographics to gain television ratings and profit.

Another network, BRAVO also took an "exodus" by reducing the number of quality information and entertainment much to the chagrin of the more discriminating American audience. What was the refrain of decades past? If you find public networks and the new cable programming as being distasteful in cursive language, sexual exploitation and violence. Soon corporate television and Hollywood film makers began to howl, "if you don't like what you and particularly young children exposure to the program, simply change the channel!" Exercise your Right of Free Choice. No doubt many viewers now find that "channel surfing" results in almost identical or spin-off programming.

Executive producers had to know that in airing this "reality" controversy would abound. It takes just one man, Pat Robertson to harangue an under-educated, misinformed and vulnerable minds of children. This repetition of the worst possible denigration upon "gays" and "blacks" in America is an insult to all. One can make the case that the "current" attacks upon minorities is "propaganda" plain and simple. In fact it may exceed the campaign of an unemployed Germany by the infamous members of a "master race" Herman Hess and Adolf Hitler.

I need not summarize the most recent remarks of Pat Robertson. All of the network newscasts, newspapers and most importantly the Internet have made it "viral." That is a strange word to utilize as a derivative of a "virus" endangering a healthy mind. This rather trivial rampage of one evangelical will eventually fade from the "home pages" and newsrooms. However, the corporate influence upon our government will continue a barrage of misinformation, disinformation, misdirection, "white noise" and outright lies to the public. In the name of "national security" Washington has exploded in the creation of "new" agencies and departments to duplicate the explosion of intelligence gathering.

Does one need remind you of one Administration by deliberate deceit or utter ignorance led US into a war wantonly void of the carnage of our troops and bloodshed of the population inflicted. Ironically, one mastermind tagged this "six-month" incursion as "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Let me now return to this blatant outrage of "Duck Dynasty" and their leader and prophet. As I recall the words of Jesus Christ, "Beware of false prophets before you." These ARE the documented, actual words spoken by God. Jesus' attempt is to educate the populace then and from there forward of those who seek notoriety and false claims to power that we cannot accept what they tout as "truth" for everyone.

The latest news today is A&E will reinstate Pat Robertson and his Duck Dynasty. The rational is his words "do not represent the belief or consent of the network."

It is typical, is it not. A&E program executives "duck" their accountability and poor decision. They are all too aware the Pat Robertson Tea-Party dome can be exploited at high profit. Corporate and Government by their inaction will condone. It is those at  A&E responsible that should be placed up front in duck hunting season.

As far as Pat Robertson, self proclaimed leader of a large number of duck hunters, should accept his calling and lead his followers who came to give "witness" and relocate to Egypt. As their spokesman and prophet, adorned in splendor of camouflage he can proclaim to be the modern day Moses.

"Moses" Robertson by virtue of the literal word, lead his clan upon an Exodus toward his "truth." Personally, for the first time I want to witness" as he "parts the Red Sea" to escape as inexplicably attested and documented by mere mortals in the Bible.

In All Reality, I want to witness via YouTube, Pat Robertson escape the Pharaoh Obama and bring his people to the promised land and to Mt. Sinai where they can adopt and live the 512 commandments as most are recorded in the Old Testament they so fervently hold as truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Pat...I mean God.