Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"How Long Has This Been Going On?" -- Marvin Gaye

"How Long Has This Been Going On?"
                                                      -- Marvin Gaye

6th Court of Appeals Has Sided With Governor Snyder and AG Bill Schuette in Extending Stay on Same Sex Marriages.

I wrote in my blog the following which I believe underscores the contempt of those in high places have for all minorities and the American People.

My initial reaction on Facebook is one of condemnation of 19th Century thought among Michigan and other politicians and the other Big Money interests. The State's case before Judge Friedman was so weak and indicative of  "incompetency, ignorance and a sheep-like mentality" so prevalent among a Majority of State Government Appointees and Executives and Employees.*

The Opposition is comprised of Billionaire Individuals, Corporate Interests and the Politicians they control. They could care less about any religious grounds to oppose. This is about big $$$$$$. They will stop at nothing to prevent same sex couples a right to financial benefits as heterosexual. Second, it is about Power & Control. They do not want another "minority" to advance in gaining Rights as eventually they will, with others, unite & demand a fair share of what is ours.

"What is more frightening is that one of the renowned sociologists who conducted research and surveys among a small sampling of same sex partners with children admitted he was motivated by “a third party who paid for the study and subsequent court appearance because “this matter required it be defeated at all costs, right now.” The “hidden third party bank rolled the funding and payments to “expert research” may now be in a “witness protection program.” Intuition leans heavily that the third party is Republican in nature.

My question is if this party or group is so vehement that the ban not be overturned why keeping their identity secret.  However, this is just how skewed, prejudicial and hateful some opponents hold so dear to their archaic views. In my mind, it is an abomination and a threat to our judicial system."

I issued this statement in my previous blog. I believe it will be a matter of time before the People come to realize that the influence of big money in our government process cease. The corporate powers in America have controlled the lives of so many and unceasingly work to eradicate the Middle Class. 

Warning:  Should the Appellate Court Agree to Review the State’s Case, It Will Perpetuate an American Travesty of the Denial for Equal Rights and Reeks of Foul Play

Furthermore, if those that Oppose do so on the pretense of Morality, Religion or how recognition of Gay Marriage violates their Freedom to practice their Religion, why have they not made their voices heard about hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead and American boys who have died or returned maimed and disabled. 

Operation Iraqi Freedom was a failure and fought for reasons more than suspect. The invasion of Iraq differs little then that of Putin reclaiming Crimea. 

Why are there no sons or daughters of Congress in those same ranks of the dead? If Morality is to be upheld, then begin there!

*(I've been there to witness, tell what is true and suffer the harassment.)