Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Sochi Olympics, Unrest in Kiev and Putin's Invasion



HOWEVER, IT IS PRESIDENT PUTIN REVEALING his inner self. I believe, as many writers and bloggers may concur.  Putin the man kept hidden his true persona within. He was now invoking a sinister plan mixing PR, diplomacy, corruption and possibly clandestine effort to initiate violence in Kiev.

The Russian President has never accepted the demise of the Soviet Union and subsequent chilling of a Cold War. As former chief of the KGB he has not warmed to any trust of the West. Vladimir Putin retains an inherent belief of "his personal mandate" to reestablish as much of the U.S.S.R. as feasible. He wishes his legacy to be seen as the one who reconstructed and engineered a well-thought plan for Russia as it enjoyed in the past. Putin's goal is simple, capture more power and influence within the global community.

Violent Protests in final days of the Olympics brought Putin's influence under scrutiny and his motive to ingest greater discord with an ultimatum to hold strong and put down the protests in Kiev to henchman Ukrainian President Yanukovych. In the days to follow government police opened live fire on their own but in the end the current government Parliament resigned and Yanukovych fled east to a stronger Russian region. 

Three days prior to the conclusion of the Sochi Winter Games, I began tweeting reaction to the violence in Kiev. Soon I found a brave Ukrainian young woman to transmit our thoughts and feelings. It is the POWER of Twitter! She was an eyewitness to the truth with firsthand reports of events as they unfolded and not subject to any censorship. Her goal is to communicate the truth via the internet globally, enlist support and solicit ideas from other Tweeters.

Our Chronology, the extraordinary potential for the reach of Twitter

gary g-man ‏@deep_blue4  Feb 20

#SochiOlympics #USAvCAN #IOC #Slovakia #Czech #Germany #Slovenia #France #Poland etal stand with #UKRAINE v #Putin boycott #Olympic closing

gary g-man ‏@deep_blue4  Feb 20

#Ukraine Girl pleads This Go Viral | Thought Catalog http://po.st/ZneCI6  via @thoughtcatalog Please view and RT to everyone you know!

gary g-man ‏@deep_blue4  Feb 20

@BarackObama Please Stand for #UKRAINESUPPORT and encourage all #Sochi2014 teams stand with #UKRAINE v #Putin Boycott #Olympic closing RT

RT @MaximEristavi @StateDept Kerry warns #Putin of visa bans, asset freezes, trade isolation if the invasion to #Ukraine continues- @Reuters


@AnshuVari @euromaidan Boycott of the #Sochi #G8Summit has as much effect of the #West abstaining #borscht while #Ukraine #Crimea #invasion

RT @MaximEristavi @StateDept Kerry warns #Putin of visa bans, asset freezes,trade isolation if the invasion to #Ukraine continues- @Reuters

@AnshuVari @MaximEristavi @StateDept @Reuters I question the effect that #sanctions isolation will do little to deter #putincrimea

@deep_blue4 @MaximEristavi @StateDept @Reuters What is your suggestion then?

@AnshuVari @Reuters #putinolympics $50-B cost of #Sochi no doubt financed w/loans #WorldBank if bank asks for early payments, it may work.

The Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin has a great stake in the success of the Sochi Olympics 2014. In a nation with huge debt, President Putin had an ambitious blueprint to create a world class sports venue. His vision included construction of an Olympic site that would surpass the reputation of any previous host for the games. Putin's dream was to build, develop a venue that would grow in popularity and travel destination for decades to come. The construction of a modern rail service winding through the natural beauty of the landscape to give Sochi easier access to the world and an economic boon to the country.

Upon the awarding of the 2014 Winter Olympics came the biggest shock. President Putin and the Russian Federation approved a budget that exceeds the cost of all previous Olympics combined, a staggering 50 Billion dollar budget for the spectacular transformation of Sochi. 
There are concerns and issues very much part of the dynamics of a budget demanding huge debt. 

To Anna, Keep the Faith and Retain the Courage within. We Support You!

(End - Part One)

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