Friday, June 20, 2014

IRAQ - Epitome of American Failure

IRAQ - A Perfect Example of American Failure to Act on Democratic Principles We Espouse

"We the People" now have the truth of "Our" Government's flagrant use of propaganda, disinformation, white noise, misinformation and outright lies found in blunder after blunder in IRAQ. This expedition to uncover hideous WMDs, free the Iraqi people with democracy and "promote" or protect our national interest is "malarkey."

Our wild expedition into Iraq and now the astonishing and rapid collapse of government serves as a summary of our failures and the corruption operating in Washington. The well publicized blunders and those not yet well publicized are not new. Our operative intervention in Iraq has a history in our past. Our history serves as a timeline of government repetitive failures. Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, the so-called war on drugs in South America, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq are the obvious.

There is a commonality in all of them. The incursion and misguidance in Iraq follows a frequency in policy making disastrous to the American People and the countless deaths and horrific casualties of our Military. Many who now admit they did not "volunteer" for the madness they endure.

The list of unbelievable and incompetent course of events in Iraq are plenty and now seen by many.

  • The outright falsehoods propagated by a misguided, disingenuous past administrations, both with the same last name flanked by the same faces revolving in key posts in the White House.
  • The secretive discussions to set about overt actions from day one in an administration.
  • The careful manipulation of Intelligence reports to support their planned actions.
  • An exaggerated "case" presented before the United Nations to win over support. Failing to receive UN approval, they went it alone. However, they did assemble a small group of nations dependent on our dollars to form an allied front.
  • The employment of covert spread of "Fear" among the citizenry in that "chemical weapons and others of mass destruction" were present and almost certainty of falling into the hands of a terrorist group. The reality is that Al-Queda had no foothold or following Hussein's Iraq. 
  • The call to arms of our young people to join the military under duress and promises made.
  • The resulting war plan by either egotistical trio or a demonstration of their incompetence and insanity.
  • The actions and intelligence recommendations of a deputy director predicting a "quick war" and an Iraqi people rejoicing in our presence.
  • The eventual installment of President Maliki by way of national elections tainted by corruption, something not new in cache of weapons.
  • The continued support for an Iraqi leader who was imported to his former country who holds no trust from the body he rules.
  • The disbandment of an elite corps of an Iraqi Army once loyal to Saddam, but disillusioned by this madman, who would surely act to restore and keep order allowing American forces to withdraw in less than two years.
  • The disassembled Bathe Party who held positions within the Iraqi bureaucracy serving to hold a delicate infrastructure including law and order intact.
  • The Iraqi leadership who from day one kept on a path of non-inclusion of Sunni and Kurdish representation.
  • The exposure of the Abu Graib heinous acts of torture upon detainees by our intelligence group contradictory to our own values as well as the Geneva Convention. The airing of the gruesome videos as certain proof of our atrocities placed another nail in the coffin any trust of the USA. 
  • The eight-nine years and billions of dollars spent to train police and a military to secure, hold and protect. How many times have we heard this story where a small group of our military elite will act as advisers and train a foreign military. It goes back to Vietnam as a strategy flawed if not an utter disgraceful failure.
  • Upon completion of all the costume rehearsals and intricate training the time for Opening Night by the Iraqi Army bombed by first intermission in a massive cowardice performance. (Producers Beyloshtock and Blume should have had this script).
  • Question for the Pentagon. How in your world of war games can a force outnumbered 17 - 1 with an estimated 7,000 ISIS forces at best, run rampant over an Iraqi force numbering some 30,000 taking flight? (A number of brass should resign or retired).
  • All of which casts the United States as no better than other countries who are lead by someone more of dictator in meddling in the Ukraine. We are not without sin.

Finally, the catastrophic events unfolded under eight years of a suspect administration is left for his successor resolve, correct, re-establish American credibility throughout the globe and now take all the heat by Congress (who approved) and a media with a short memory.