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IN THE EVENT, You missed the EMMY Award show last night, you are in luck as I am going to list many of the main categories with the names of the winners. 

In an effort to answer the question often posed to Producers, Actors, Directors, ... does the art in television and film imitate "life" or does "life" mirror all of the entertainment material that Hollywood may produce in a given year?

EMMY Statute (replica, not actual size)

As we are annually informed the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences somehow nominates and selects the categories and the nominees. After which comes the Vote which is monitored and tallied by a prestigious accounting firm. This year the task fell to the Congressional Budget Office.

Unlike Television Academy - One Newsmaker Decides ENEMY awards
photo by Gary Grzymkowski
In addition, a list of those newsmakers and global events that have somewhat the same look, feel or serious tone of the Emmy Nominees and Winners will be listed to the right of the actual Emmy winners. Please inform me if you can "see, feel or just 'get it!' These, my analogies that approximate the Art/Reality ratio." 
DO YOU GET IT NOW? Lorraine? 

Best DramaBreaking Bad

Most Serious DramaBreaking Bad, ILS in Baghdad

Best Comedy: Modern Family 

Best Comedy: Iraq’s Modern Family: Maliki’s Democracy

Best Variety Series: The Colbert Report 

Most Credible News Variety: The Colbert Report 

Best Reality Competition Series: The Amazing Race 
(10 Wins may be last as there is nowhere safe to race)

Best Reality Competition Series:
 ISL 3000 Amazing Race to Mosul

Best MiniseriesFargo

Best DVR, Re-Run Miniseries
How Far2Go? Taking Fallujah, Retaking Fallujah

Best Television Movie: The Normal Heart 

Best Television Movie: America’s Generous Heart

Lead Actor, Comedy: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Lead  Actor, Comedy: John McCain, The Big Bang Theory
Lead Actress, ComedyJulia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep 

Lead Actress, Comedy(No Vetting, Win by GOP’s fault) Sarah Palin, The Big Bang Theory

Lead Actor, Drama: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad 

Most  Misleading Lines & Misdirection in a Drama:
Vladimir Putin,

An Olympic Fortnight in Sochi and Free Stall-in to the Black Sea  
Lead Actress, Drama: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Lead Actress, Drama: Michelle Obama, The Good Wife

Supporting Actor, Comedy: Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Supporting Actor, Comedy: Joe Biden, Veep
Actor, Miniseries/Movie: Benedict Cumberbatch, 

Actor, Miniseries/Movie: Vladimir Putin,
From Russia with Love, the Ukraine

Supporting Actor, Miniseries/Movie
Martin Freeman, Sherlock 

Supporting Actor, Endless Miniseries Drama:
Syria’s President Assad, Breaking Bad 

Best Directing, Comedy: Gail Mancuso, 
Modern Family 

Best  Direction in Comedy, Worst Coverage & Gross Neglect of  the News: No Surprise, a Tie Across the Major Networks

Best Writing, Comedy: Louis C.K., 

Best Writing, Comedy: A Tie! Dick Cheney,
What I Didn’t Do During The War as Daddy Warbucks
George W. Bush (Untitled) See Dick and Jane Carry a Shitload of NSA Falsified Intelligence Data Up to Capitol Hill,
While  I Was At Camp David On Vacation Dick!

Best Writing, Miniseries/Movie: Steven Moffat, 
Sherlock: His Last Vow

Best Writing, Miniseries/Movie: Vladimir Putin:
From Russia With Love, At Home in the Ukraine

Best Writing, Variety SpecialSarah Silverman, Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles

Best Writing, Variety Congressional Special: 

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor (resigned), Earl Grey and War of Red Rose Tea 

We Are The Walking, Talking and  Do-Nothing Dead

Best Drama, Nominated, But Did Not Win:
Orange Is the New Black 

Best Drama, Nominated, Due for Extermination:

 Unknown U.K. Citizen & ISIS Member (M-5 to Identify)

The Repulsive Murderer Never To Appear On BBC Coronation Street.

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