Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VOTE Today in Michigan's Primary Election

VOTE Today! It's a Primary Election in in Michigan, Or You May Miss Your Bus

Photo Rendering Image of First SMART bus

IF YOU failed notice, a TV “blitz” is underway for the past fortnight extolling Virtue, Morality and Public Duty from all of us. One ballot Proposal requests a millage hike to ensure the ongoing viability of SMART to serve the tri-county area for years to come (2017). The Chief Proponents appearing in the commercial with passage, new buses will be purchased. They avow their allegiance to the elderly, and disabled have access to reliable transportation. In addition, as an added community services those working poor residing in Wayne County will experience mobility to pursue jobs as domestics and landscapers in Birmingham, Bloomfield, Mitt’s Cranbrook and others.

Proponents for the millage weighed choices of circus barker and could not muster a clear winner. They needed SE Michigan's heavy hitters. Therefore, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, (a lifetime of infallible election exceeding Pope Benedict II) along with first timer, Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel appear together in the political AD. 

They take turns extolling the SMART system and its’ critical need for their county’s residents. It is not that I oppose the millage increase to replace aging busses, I just cannot stop smiling as this 30 second spot loops during Click On newscasts. I just do not believe that Mr. Patterson ever willingly used public transportation (with possibly one exception of sheriff patrol). 

As newcomer, Mark Hackel, appointee as second in command to his father in every job he held, he then fathered the Macomb Water Patrol to protect Lake St. Clair. He encouraged the purchase of essential equipment to the unit, jet skis. Hackel’s SMART move to follow was to take the lead ski in this daring endeavor. If nothing else, I thank them both for the memories and a smile.