Thursday, September 18, 2014

The President and Democrats Are Playing Emailing for $$$. Enough Already

I receive so many email messages everyday and all day long from the Democratic Party National Committee that is too much! The subject lines are becoming increasingly audacious. 

Barack Obama: Read Before Deleting 

I know we ask you for a lot, Gary. 


The innumerable email messages through the Democratic National Committee requesting cash donations for as little as $3 in the past and now $5 or better. Emails arrive like clockwork from President Obama, Joe Biden and others. Lately the tone of these messages brandishes me as a deserter of the Party. I believe this goes a bit too far.


So today I thought it time to reply to one of these emails and my revised message is as written below. In the REPLY field, this is directed to Nancy Pelosi.

Essentially, I support President Barack Obama and have so past eight years. However, before and since that time my home computer has been "hacked" and monitored by criminals that have stolen money from bank accounts and made illegal charges first to credit cards and then debit card which was the only item the banks would qualify for me.

In 2008, I was one of those who became a mortgage foreclosure victim to the Bank of America. They charged me outrageous legal and other fees to bring my mortgage current. Finally, I had to deplete my 401-K to settle my mortgage debt only to learn property values have so drastically declined in my City, I have no chance of ever recovering my lifetime investment. Why? It occurs due to greedy bankers and investment firms that approved and wittingly sold "junk securities" to a public retirement administrators or the everyday Joe on any street but "Wall."  These investors believed in the efficacy of the investment firms and the largest banks.

Most of those, which conspired and profited never faced prosecution or came to serve a day in jail. The few of the wealthiest created havoc, job loss and depression.

Furthermore, I will suggest the independent Commission for Tax Reform have the authority to issue warrants for individuals to relinquish twenty years of their tax returns.
I would begin with former Gov. Romney. Evidently, he and his tax attorneys know how to avoid paying anything near his fair share.

I am disappointed with the knowledge of the NSA conducting surveillance of ordinary Americans and foreign governments who are allies. To date there is no real evidence to suggest these unsavory practices have stopped. 

Presently, I do not have the means or inclination to "donate" such trivial dollars to compete and defeat Citizens United. Sadly, this President and Democrats in Congress have not yet stood up for the American People against the strongest and wealthiest lobbies. 

It is time Mr. President, Vice-President Biden, Rep. Nancy Pelosi to embrace these issues, propose sweeping reforms and ride a train Mr. Biden cross-country to take what it is truly vital to the American people no matter what color their state. Take a page from President Theodore Roosevelt who waged a successful campaign to accomplish tax fairness, hold business accountable and preserve Our Great Natural wonders in the creation of National Parks.

I cannot in good conscience nor have the means to respond to the DNC and their endless appeals for donations. Raising $$$$ will not defeat Republicans, but raising Awareness will! Take a lesson from Teddy; speak with honesty from a “bully pulpit” to voters.

"This Land Is Our Land." It does not belong to the wealthiest two-percent, the Koch Brothers, the Tea Party or Citizens United. "This Land Is Our Land." Mr. President, Bring it!

With all due respect,

Gary Grzymkowski