Sunday, October 12, 2014



Several months ago Gov. Snyder announced an initiative within five neighborhoods within the City of Detroit where the State plans to assist for their survival. The areas across the city have a reputation where housing market held, residents supported public schools and took the initiate to stand against crime.

I am about as surprised as pleased the Governor made this announcement. I recall the plan is to target these areas and encompass them with steps to protect the community advances in place and invest in improved support. With so much vacant land amid 137 square miles I believe it made sense. It is a beginning in saving these neighborhoods in spite of any critics who might see this move as segregation. You must begin somewhere in the largest size (by square miles) city in the nation.

However, a few weeks earlier I toured the Warren/Cadieux area as one named in his press release. Unfortunately, visible improvement is not evident. That was then, this is now. I would like to hear from those who reside in the area that know report just what is happening currently. (October, 2014)

It has been reported in the media that as Governor he has visited Detroit for two high profile events. One is the appearance made at Comerica Park for a Tiger game.

The second appearance occurred as he announced the appointment of Robert Orr as the Emergency Manager for a bankrupt Detroit.

Gov. Rick Snyder (Left) and Kevyn Orr (left)

What struck me about this photo is that the Governor from day one seems to make an effort to present himself as an "everyday working man" by dressing down with shoddy sport coats and an open collar.
There are several occasions when his personal attire lacked what one might expect of that as a Governor.
However, in this photo the Governor appears to have donned a suit and tie as he introduces his appointee of the Emergency City Manager, a move controversial at least among citizens of Detroit. 

Here, when it is clear Snyder won out over the opposition, he appears in a suit as if to "flip his tie" to Detroit. Yes, I know. It is metaphorical but one where his "subconscious" belies his inner feeling toward race.

Or, how about this photo where the Governor greets the Mayor of  Detroit. It brings to mind one caption in particular.
"Let Me Show You The Exit Mayor Bing"

*This is the one item I can recall and write where Gov. Rick Snyder announced a proposal that is a positive for the City of Detroit.