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Revised 10/29/2014 Article re David Trott.

SPECIAL MESSAGE to voters in the 11th Congressional District: David Trott's latest TV Ads no longer depict him as a worthy candidate. He appears his election has been bought! He has adopted a role where he arrogantly appears at the end of other commercials promoting their own interests.

David Trott assumes his self-serving personality in his trite message. "I'm David Trott and I approve this message."

Visit his website where he portrays himself as a happily married family man, a sympathetic job creator and avows a promise, Americans have heard since 1980 in a vow to reduce the National Debt. Ronald Regan campaigned on this issue and in eight years "tripled the debt." 

There is not a single word mentioning his past business career that is tainted by a continuous financial business plan and make millions by maximizing his law firms' vulture mentality taking advantage of every law governing government foreclosures since 2008. Who has suffered horrendous loss in property value and jobs in the Wall Street "depression?" It is the Middle Class! These are your neighbors in Macomb, Wayne, parts of Oakland, Livingston and other Counties.

One of Trott's best political move he probably did not occur at the time was to purchase a home in one the richest areas of Oakland County. It turns out to be within Congressional District where the very rich will no doubt support right wing issues and look upon Trott as an attractive candidate. His attraction emanates from his personal appearance, not on his knowledge of true representation and public policy.

CAUTION: To those voters in Birmingham, Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills and the 11th District. Should you elect this man to public office you are blatantly condoning his lies, misdirection and true agenda. Therefore, you will rightfully earn the label of snob as you snub the victims in the remainder of Southeast Michigan.

I am outraged to learn that one David Trott, attorney-at-law,  by any means available launched an underhanded primary election campaign to oust the incumbent from the U.S. Congress, District 11 seat. He is calculating and deviously deceptive in his manner, his image makeover and money will be no object. 

I did not know the David Trot whose television commercials run constantly. He presents himself as a wholesome family man and not the slick attorney who made his fortune during the 2008 collapse in financial markets tied to home mortgage foreclosures. Trott and Trott is law firm he assumed from his father. The sole mission of this law firm is to solicit the largest financial institutions in the mortgage business. Trott & Trott only acted out of the "best interest of their clients," namely Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. 

In short, Trott & Trott through slick purchases of title companies and other related firms consumed any and all of the "foreclosure industry." The mega-corporate financial Wall Street Banks caught with the smoking gun but felt no real harm by the Feds became his best customers in Michigan. Centered in Oakland County, they are alleged to have used both illegal and unethical practices to badger individuals caught in foreclosure, sometimes usurping or ignoring their legal rights and in the end made millions. 

David Trott's personal net worth is estimated between $50 - $200 million. Although he claims he no longer is part of the mortgage foreclosure practice upon selling Trott & Trott, he retains a seat on the Board of Directors with a salary of $1 million per year.

So, I did not recognize David Trott by the current television ads. However, immediately after I began via googling "david trott for congress" and the number and nature of the "hits" made my stomach turn. 

Try it for yourself. If you faced foreclosure anytime since 2008, you must do this and review the posts and publications that are putting out the truth in an effort to evict this man before he takes the House.

Financial Terrorist David Trott
Photo & Caption: (Mortgage Fraud Investigators)

Last I checked, Trott's own campaign webpage describes him as a younger "Tom Hanks." Yeah, right.  Here are just a few of the published investigative reports online with their link.

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I hope this will be the last revision but not the last post. Here are links where you may read about the Reality in the life of David Trott.