Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Tragic Truth About the IRAQ War

The New York Times Reveals Another Tragedy and Cover-Up in the Iraqi War 

Truthout provides a summary of a New York Times article that reveals that horrendous casualties are the result of chemical weapons present throughout Iraq. Worse is the cover-up.  truth behind Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Bush administration acted with certainty in their arguments and defense of the invasion. However, the WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) were not nuclear. Both George H. Bush and George W. Bush provided chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein beginning prior to 1991. Many Americans had this hunch as motivation behind the invasion. George W. Bush ordered the invasion, not to free Iraqis from a dictator but to save embarrassment to his father due to these chemical weapons eventually would be revealed.

In this sense the presence of  large stockpiles of  chemical, gas and biological weapons some considered these as proof of the existence of WMD. However, The New York Times reports,

"Bush administration wanted to keep these munitions secret, the troops who happened to scoop up a leaking mustard gas shell and woke up the following day covered in boils and unable to breathe never received proper medical treatment."

The Bush administration including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and especially Karl Rove instigated the search and subsequent cover-up of the injuries to our soldiers. Since the deaths and injuries were ignored by the Veteran's Administration to deny health care as these events never happened as Karl Rove suggested. Karl Rove's insensitivity toward our injured is unforgivable. Karl Rove is not  anyone to trust as orchestrates unethical and sometimes illegal strategies for the GOP as they seek to gain majorities in both House and Senate.

Why bring up these tragic events of a War America would rather forget? The lesson or "teachable moment" in this revelation is that there is no lie too despicable for the Republican Party to further their cause. Secondly, one segment of the American population lacks the political knowledge and education to make informed decisions in voting. Another lesson is that we have a large segment (approx. 30%) that do not bother or are prevented to cast their vote. Incredibly, George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004.

As Truthout writer William Pitt concludes,

"Thanks, George. You're the gift that keeps on giving."

Here is the link to the story. I encourage all to read the one-page report and to follow the Truthout website.