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The Governor views tonight as a Town Hall meeting. Mark Schauer his Democratic opponent, looks to Debate.


"And Now for Something Completely Different" with the Town Hall Debate for Michigan Governor

When: Sunday, October 12, 2014, 6:00 PM, WDIV Detroit

Mark Schauer, the Democratic candidate for Governor must seize any opportunity to confront the Governor at every television time-out and those of football games airing elsewhere. This is one of the limited televised debates afforded to him to engage the Governor and confront his record. The election is merely days away on November 4, 2014.

As many pundits echo, Governor Rick Snyder's summer provided plenty of political gaffs, misinformation of the facts and his condescending attitude toward minorities, other cultures and almost anyone that resides within ten miles from Detroit.

If Mark Schauer (D) candidate is given the opportunity to raise the real issues and the decisions cited here, the election is his to win. Schauer needs to highlight the facts and simply advance this, "a teachable moment."

  • Just this week, October 7th, I read of the latest in the case of Corporate Tax rates. The 134 companies, most outside of Michigan have found tax codes allowing huge Tax Refunds to the tune of $1.6 B. This potential economic calamity did not appear as a lead story in the media here. 
  • How ironic that as the Governor in his television vine streaming boasts that it his administration that brought Michigan on a road of recovery. A business boom that has provided the State with a $1 billion surplus!  Of course he fails to mention it occurred only by raising taxes on working families and retiree pensions. There lies some humor in the fact the Governor and his team failed to to see the lengths greedy corporations will go for huge profits (even if their action embarrasses politicians they own). 
  • Governor Snyder alerted his Republican cohorts in the Legislature as they scramble to rewrite the laws to pass legislation in an effort to prevent the windfall refunds. There is Truth in the adage to "Cover Your Ass." However, time will tell if the refunds to giants like IBM are forced to paid on the backs of ordinary Michigan taxpayers, while the Supreme Court dwells on entertaining legal action.
  • As I recall, Governor Snyder had to "make the hard call" in his sweeping tax "reforms" to turn Michigan's economy around. Small Business was to benefit from the elimination of taxes he likened as double taxation. Has it worked? Recently, Royal Oak one of those meccas for innovate small business is now concerned over a growing number of empty storefronts. Look in your own neighborhood strip malls that have one or two occupants. 
  • Speaking of double taxation, why do you allow for the Michigan Treasury to TAX the any winnings from Casino Gaming and the overkill of the State Lottery? The fact is that the poorest of the increasing poor are the taxpayers who wager their net pay . And  the vast majority lose but hold onto a dream of regaining the middle class status they once fought to attain.
  • The Metro Times under the watchful eye and guidance of then Editor-in-Chief  Jack Lessenberry was first to fun an investigative front cover report concerning the effects of a bridge tycoon no matter the cost. "Justice For All - a grassroots movement declares minorities and the poor shouldn't unfairly bear the brunt of pollution. The story appeared in the Metro's August 11, 2011 edition. 
  • It is a moving piece of investigative reporting authored by Sandra Svoboda. Her expose of the deplorable living environment of every Southwest family struggling to survive, to breathe. The smog engulfing this tragedy hid the true culprits in the war between two bridges gone too far, namely Manny Moroun and the Governor's Highway Department. Svoboda revealed a problem little known outside of the area that existed for years due to the neglect of the State Highway Department and the illegal road construction by that other bridge! The air in the immediate vicinity of Mexitown and SW Detroit was elevating at an alarming rate. The result is a spike in new cases of asthma in children and adults as well as other chronic pulmonary diseases. The effects of an inefficient government at all levels is responsible for failing to take the necessary precautions in health safety. Over time, their failure contributed to disability and death. A national broadcast program documented the problem hidden in the shadows of the Ambassador Bridge and events occurring in Oakland, CA where trucks stalled in traffic had identical effects on the neighborhoods.  Where were you Governor when it was only the courage of local residents who brought this to national attention? 
  • I bring up this once unknown critical fight for protecting health and the environment because now, this past Wednesday, WDET-FM aired remarks by Governor Snyder citing his bridge to Canada and the positive impact its construction will have for Michigan and SW Detroit.once finally completed. Incredulously, I listened and could not believe what I was hearing. The Governor discussed how his bridge will improve the environment and health of SW Detroit by deferring truck traffic from SW and Mexican residential streets! This, he seemed to boast as his own revelation toward eliminating the toxic emissions of  trucks lining those residential streets for years! Where have you been Governor?  
  • Then, there is the misleading television ads you may have viewed. A retired Michigan school teacher from an unidentified District collects her full 31 year pension. She goes on to laud your benevolence with your reported  $1 Billion in additional funding for public education. Where was this teacher when in prior years Governor, you cut school aid by $1 Billion.  By the way, this teacher is impressed by the direction you have taken with education for Michigan's children. I wonder if she retired with full benefits and compensated for unused sick days as under contract?
  • Finally, there is this outrageous claim by the Governor that he has "made the hard choices" and Michigan is on the road to recovery. He announces in his TV ad, we not only balanced the budget, but now have a $1 billion surplus to fix Michigan roads and invest in our future, our children. How many times have heard those words or others like it. The only visible signs that our roads are being repaired is this "endless trail of orange cones, blinking arrows and  signs WORK ZONE ENDED! However, the biggest insult to all of us is when do you see anyone actually working on these sites? How about on the weekends? Zero!   
My hope is that these, among other issues will air in Sunday's Town Hall discussion. They just may be the fodder for Mark Schauer  to devour the governor's long record that lacks compassion. My hope is that the conservative WDIV  host moderators allow equal opportunity, air time and for the democratic process unfold.  

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