Saturday, November 8, 2014

America Doubling Number of Soldiers Deployed to IRAQ

President Obama: 1400 Now 3,000 Troops, Add $5.6B to $56.8B

President Obama met with Congressional Leaders from both parties yesterday. The President as with his predecessor is seeking to once again utilize Executive Order in a ceaseless war.

This time as the Pentagon repeatedly states, "we will get it right." That my friends has been the mantra since the Vietnam War. The generals repeatedly request additional troops and equipment in order to defeat the enemy.

IT HAS NOT HAPPENED. Not in Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan and now two incursions into Iraq. Oh yes, these are not troops that will be engaged in combat with the ISL, but there to "train the Iraqi Army" and raise their capacity to take on ISL or ISIS and at least "isolate" them. 

Well, I say what the hummus have they been doing for the past 13 years in IRAQ and in Afghanistan for that matter? Going back to the Gulf War Iraq had increased the number of their elite Republican Guard, put lower capacity divisions on the front lines in anticipation of the ground war. Saddam Hussein invited U.S. forces to engage in street battles in Bagdhad where every "citizen" owns automatic weapons. What gives here? A nation that engaged in a bloody war with Iran and fully armed, from elite to the ordinary citizen are armed. Our military mental giants still insist they require training. Enough is enough! If they have not learned by now, they lack the willingness to defend their own.

This is coming after four weeks of an air campaign with targets now extending into Syria. This is in itself a diplomatic move that has the potential to bring others into the "War on Terrorism." 

After countless causalities over the past years we are asking our forces to sacrifice yet again. You must ask why? We withdrew from Iraq leaving (as always) tanks, weapons, Hum-Vees, guns, ammunition and millions of dollars in banks. We readily turned placed these resources in the hands of the Iraqi Army for their use. You know the result, the Iraqi Army fled from many battles, dropping their weapons, tanks, personnel carriers worth billions to ISL! Would you not wish to beat a hasty retreat with a ride and a weapon. There's something rotten with the (raw) "kibbee nayee!"

Another poke in eye upon spending trillions all these years, the Obama administration wants to add $5.6B in funds to purchase more equipment, weapons and ammunition for the troops we are now ready to deploy. Why do they need that much equipment to act as advisers?

Can one only imagine what that amount of money would do for Detroit?

You can bet that if 3,000 more ground troops are not enough to train Iraqis, we will quickly double the number again.

President Obama, "God is watching US from a distance."

Let all of America and our allies take pause to think and pray. Now, here is a link to a Bette Midler song that has become an anthem.