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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2014 07:00 AM

This the time for you to raise your Voice, Vote and shout Tweet #We are not going to take this shit anymore!

MILLENNIAL or Millenniums are most commonly defined as the "generation coming of age" in the years leading up 2000. You are a millennial if you were born between the years of 1985 through 1999. Millennial generation are now are 80 Million strong across the nation. They are now the largest populated group among the other remaining generations known as greatest, baby boomers and X. 

MILLENNIAL generation members are not just "in waiting" to take control, they will take the lead of our Democratic society. They will only be strengthened as more become of age to vote. YOUR VOTE TODAY is critical and makes the self-serving super rich shudder that YOU are present. They don't just pray you will not vote, they gear their campaigns toward dissing, ignoring and promoting the notion the mid-term election does not command your time to vote.

However, there exists an unflinchingly group between the ages of 24 - 29 that are the most educated of any other previous generation. They are also the most diverse, open thinking, technically and street savvy and are of the opinion 87%  mistrust others (government and everywhere). This is a shocking percentage as it reverses the confidence of your great grandparents (at the same age) holding a mere 13% mistrust in our leaders. This same age group are increasing gains in employment in high tech and overall  economy in spite of this extremely  competitive workforce compounded by the great recession. 

This serves as a warning to Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Koch Brothers (not as in cocaine), Manny Moroun and the Romney mitt of 2%. The demographics exist. The 18 - 30 year old group can turn your plans upside down and right the ship of America's democratic government. A role in decision-making inherent and with their rights as guaranteed.

As early 5:00 AM local news began to broadcast prior to opening the polls here in Michigan they are calling the Governor's race at a dead heat. This is encouraging news for Democratic candidate Mark Schauer as he once feel in a double-digit loss to the snide Rick Snyder. You have heard it time and time again how this is the most critical election and your vote is your duty. However, this ONE really is!

In Michigan it is said Macomb and Kalamazoo Counties will play a key roll in deciding the final outcome for Governor. I began to question, what of the heavy minority vote in Detroit? Certainly if minority black and Mexican vote in large numbers, the "kick the can" attitude of the Governor can be given a kick in the can. 

I then turned looked to see what polls and research groups such as the PEW group are reporting about Millennial. 
There is also a comprehensive White House report regarding all aspects of the millennium group, their success and the unjust challenges and burdens they face.

The facts, demographics, financial reports, level of debt due to cost of educational loans and a prevailing view among non college graduates they may never own their own home. 

This is a travesty. The Federal Government has cut spending to higher education and thus the number of university graduates has invited devastation to the America that once was number one. Facts are there. America is 37th in math and now has an literacy rate likened to that of the Third World. 

Who is at fault for declines in education, economic mobility and pursuit of their own American dream? It is the Republican Party. Some of the GOP candidates espouse, shout for cutting government spending on these entitlements in favor of lining the pockets of mega military contractors, not to mention their own. Democrats are all but crucified as free spenders whenever they attempt to increase spending on education, health care and programs that promote racial, religious, gender and sexual preference. 

I question their loyalty to the children who will "hold the bag for all of the deficit spending." Republicans are perfectly at ease that America is the world's largest arms suppliers. As they ignore the future economic and health of their children, it is acceptable collateral damage when children are killed around the world die from the weapons they sell.

We can go on forever. Actually for too long. The ELECTIONS are now! It is with great urgency I plead that Millenniums get out to Vote Today! Vote for Mark Schauer as Governor, Gary Peters for the Senate and Democrats across the Michigan or the state you struggle for a voice. 

That time they speak of since Ronald Regan (1980) is here! Republicans warned that unless we increase military spending (weapons) and "withhold" benefits to our Veterans, cut Education financial support and place the burden of cost in loans with high interest on current students. Who are the largest group that inherited the outrageous debt they spoke of beginning in 1980? It is the Millennium generation, and it is time for you to raise your voice, vote and shout Tweet: "We are not going to take this shit anymore!"

Well why not, tweet    #MichiganMillenniumsSnubSnyder 
Or, something that will sting with outrage,  I am one of the #Milleniums and #FedUpWithRepublicanBS 




I recommend that millenniums download the White House 40-page report for future review and study.