Wednesday, January 7, 2015


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Bill Clinton Apparently Hob-Nobbed With Pedophile Slavers, Really Though (No Basis of Truth)1

By James B. Barnes

Two versions of this article just appeared on-line accusing former President Bill Clinton of having a history of at least “casual” friendships with alleged and some convicted pedophiles. This irresponsible confluence of the facts defies any relativity in adherence to journalistic efficacy. One of alleged pedophiles upon conviction now comes forward that he took advantage of his connection to the former President as a “friend” based upon two brief meetings! Did he shake his hand in some reception line?

Can you imagine this piece of garbage sliding across the desk of Washington Post Editor Bill Bradley, or a television prompter before the most trustworthy CBS Walter Cronkite?  The first criticism, “what is that foul smell coming from this writing equivocating the “reporting” as journalistic “excrement.” My guess is the next question directed while looking down to the author, “did you soil your pants?”

Worse, this propaganda is nothing new. Product placement will exploit the fact that the American voter due to lack of time, remember only the explosive headline. It is best described as a page of the GOP campaign playbook!  Many Americans may only “read” the “headline” and take it at face value. Truth is not accurately disclosed. Facts distorted serve only to support a biased point of view. It is propaganda at its best. 

The website added a disclaimer minimizing any responsibility to post online. Thought Catalog enter a disclaimer (caption below a photo of President Clinton) Prior to their edit, my screen disappeared before my eyes and “wiped clean” the words as I wrote as intro to my timeline.

Thought Catalog Caption / Image Not

Sensational headline? No, it’s literal.
First, let’s just go ahead and state up front that there is no evidence that Bill Clinton has ever taken part in any solicitation of minors for sexual congress of any king. Now that that’s out of the way, yes, Bill Clinton used to hang around Jeffrey Epstein, known pedophile (although not the pre-pubescent loving kind) and recently accused slaver of young girls.

Metaphoric and other outrageous events within administrations came to mind if one and compares hideous acts as direct orders from other leaders. The "ties to convicted felons" characterized as criminal-like defiance of the oath of former President Clinton pales in comparison. The headline deliberately misleads and utilizes underhanded “spin” aimed with sole purpose to denigrate the Office of the President to post conviction by way of consorting with individuals that maintain a personal veil of secrecy. As any of the alleged are held accountable, appear before a recognized judicial system and then proven guilty of heinous crimes, a Pandora’s Box creep open. Any allegation rising to the surface requires credible investigation, Congressional hearings and a recommendation.

Must I need identify the contents shrouded in secrecy, cloaked in repatriation and concocted by former demigods considering their position above the Law. The acts are but the tip of an iceberg.

[1] Hob-Nobbed, Are they kidding? Spell check does not recognize Nobbed as legitimate (foreshadowing perhaps the content?)  The alternatives… “Knobbed. Nabbed and Mobbed” and when content is considered any of these serve appropriately as to contact). The use of word, not a word is suspicious and archaic.  It is a  red flag. I will not be surprised a ghostwriter roves freely among all forms of media.
[2] Title Addendum by this author