Saturday, January 17, 2015



On Saturday, January 17, 2015, prior to the Governor's State of the State address, WDIV-TV (Detroit) reported the Truth in their early morning newscast. In a "oh, by the way" manner the anchor read that reports from Governor Rick Snyder's administration and John Roberts of the Department of Management & Budget that Michigan now faces HUGE BUDGET DEFICIT for 2015. At first it was reported to be $259 M and later that same afternoon Budget Director John Roberts revised the deficit upwards of $325 M.

Would You Purchase New Water Lines to Your Home from this Man?

You will not did not find this story on the front page of The Detroit Free Press, Detroit News or the Lansing Herald. Why was this financial crisis looming for weeks kept under wraps? One, the November election was less than two weeks away and you know how the Liberal News Media protects the Republican agenda. I am being facetious. 

What really angers me is that the Governor, Republican controlled Legislature and Budget officials knew that the $1 BILLION surplus was about to "wiped out" and a huge deficit loomed as well. This is the exact sort of problem the "nerd" numbers man promised in his campaign to straighten out. Gov. Snyder promised Michigan taxpayers that he would put into place measures to cut spending and downsize departments to put the State back on track from the financial mess he inherited.

I first read of this possibility about two weeks prior to the November 4th election in the financial news of national publications, not any of the local papers. The information scared me then, but a State's spokesperson that the "budget problem" required further study by the Governor and his administration. 

In last last year's run for re-election as Governor, Rick Snyder seem to run a rather low-key campaign where he "rather let the record speak for itself" as his main strategy up to the November election. We attempted to warn the electorate of what was already known that the handwriting was on the wall if you knew where to look. 


What I discovered in the on-line publications such as The Wall Street Journal were reports that nationwide corporations found "loopholes in the tax code" that allowed them to avoid paying corporate taxes as in prior years. The basis of their accounting claims hinged on the fact they were headquartered in states outside of Michigan and thus entitled to pay at much lower rate. IBM filed for a refund of $115 Million dollars! Multiple other corporations followed suit and it became obvious that the total refunds would wipe out the State's rainy day fund or surplus. Projections at the time (mid-October) forecast even a deficit to our State of Michigan.

The Governor had set the stage for this gigantic boondoggle years prior when the businessman, numbers and "nerd" guy stayed up all hours to formulate a plan to save Michigan's economy.

As part of the Governor's plan and to "make the tough decisions" for which as Governor he is accountable, the Michigan Tax Laws were amended. The Governor, as I recall focused on two big changes in taxes for retirees and small businesses. He lowered or eliminated the "unfair tax" on small business in order to add stimulus for economic growth. In order to offset the lost revenue, retirees in the State born after 1949 would now pay the State Income Tax on their pensions and retirement benefits previously exempt. Notice that the Governor did not touch the incomes of older retirees, thus negating their complaints. Those currently making up the workforce are too busy trying to maintain their families and chasing lower paying jobs. They had much more on their mind then to worry about retirement benefits and taxes from their income in the fast food industry.

The shift in the burden of State Income Taxes upon retirees and massive other cuts in Education allowed the Governor and a Republican controlled Legislature to reap huge rewards in revenue. The incremental increase in dollars was placed in the General Fund like every other revenue for years. Most citizens would like to know just what is in this not for public eyes account, the General Fund. It exists so to allow legislatures and the governor a great deal of latitude in how the State spends money and allocate funding to private contractors. Yes, private contractors where the temptation, motive and means existed to give political kickbacks.
However, this is a topic for later discussion.

Behind the scenes in Lansing, the Governor's staff, budget office, Attorney General and the Republican legislators who failed to "amend these tax loop holes, scurried to see if they could get a "do over" and pass new legislation that would close the door on the Gateway IBM and others took a free pass and cleared with the State's cookies. It is just like the Republican Controlled Legislators to scramble, backtrack and try to retro-fit the facts to compensate their egregious errors and save their proverbial "Elephant's Ass."

Now this Governor finds himself in a bigger mess. He will need to make the tough decisions as to the "fix" and take an "axe" to State services. What this Governor needs to do is to act by resigning his office. He has clearly made too many "nerdy" moves.

I am mad as hell and cannot take this anymore. You should be too!

I have additional points about sixteen in number that depict the failures, the gaffs and incredulously stupid appointments within State Government. It is the failure of this Governor's administration to have caught on to the cronyism within State Department choices particularly in Wayne County. It is time for this Governor to go.

Here is a link you find an updated story with more detail.

Announcement of Emergency Manager Appointment for Detroit, The Governor's Proudest Moment

Some of the Governor's recent appearances and  statements point to a lack of awareness that is self incriminating in the least. Remember the moment when he made one of maybe two appearances in Detroit. Pictured above is Governor standing next to his appointee for the job as Emergency Manager for the bankrupt City of Detroit. Here with what's his name Buster Brown he went all out wearing a suit and a tie in taking control of the City. If you "google" images of Governor Snyder your result will bring to the screen perhaps 200 photographs as governor. In about 95% of these, Snyder as his own self ascribed title of "Chief-nerd-in-charge" refuses to wear a jacket or tie commensurate with his position, not one he aspires. Any guesses? A Sears appliance salesman, a Contractor bidding on waste removal or how about a member of Environmental Quality staff.

In other photos, the Governor seemed to glow during Detroit's darkest hour.  He no doubt took on the "tough decisions" and made the controversial move. After all, the black majority City of Detroit grossly mismanaged spending, the budget and left it ripe for corrupt politicians for years. Now he could quietly take credit in becoming the white knight to save the City of Detroit from itself. I believe he may have worn a suit of armor while out in public in Detroit. 

This past week as he departed Cobo Hall upon touring the NAIS Auto Show he fielded questions from national media reporters and no doubt international as well. Supported by crutches due to his torn tendon I was aghast when he pronounced in declarative statement for all the world. Believe it or not, but this is what I heard he say.

"Well you sure wouldn't want to buy one these new cars with the way our roads are." 

Duh, thanks Governor for pointing out what everyday commuters have zigzagged on their way to work, that the crumbling infrastructure only worsened during your years in office and your administration has a share of the blame.

Lastly, the Governor due to his injury and laden with crutches, he discovered that the disabled have a tough go of it. "The State needs to hire more workers with disability."

Oh Lord, does he not know that there has existed and continues to exist plethora of physically and mentally challenged managers and other employees! More truthfully this group is intellectually challenged and lack motivation to do their jobs.