Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Miguel Cabrera in Tiger Uniform Rockets a Home Run. Which? Take your pick from 1 - 400

Sunday, May 17, 2015

09:00 AM - The MIGUEL CABRERA replay of his 400th career home run is on a "Loop" it seems. The video of his mammoth home run to center field at Busch Stadium in St. Louis is labeled a Must See on the MLB website and showing on every sports channel. It is seen so often, Miguel will be shooting for 500 by the weekend! 

Lost in this, is the Miguel Cabrera defensive play of the week! Miguel's catch of a foul ball into the stands is unlike any play anyone ever remembers. With his back to the field, he spun around and threw a bullet one hop to third base. An adept Cardinal at second base made the right decision to tag up on the play and head for third. More often than not, a runner would be safe. Not this time. The throw, a one hop strike to the third baseman had the runner dead to rights by eight feet. The result: a double play.

Miguel is pointing to Center Field, Nationals Park where No. 400 would land.

10:00AM - Detroit's WDIV Sunday morning show hosted today by Guy Gordon features a panel discussion of Michigan politics and local current events. In a discussion of the recent defeat of Prop One by an 80% - 20% margin, one panelist declared he has not such a debacle in a long time. What an understatement! One might need go back to check the election result of our first President George Washington. Actually, I believe he was appointed by the Continental Congress.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

10:30AM - "Meet the Press" panel discussion focused on Republican candidate Jeb Bush. Prior to watching this show I thought I had counted five(5) different versions of his answer to the question, "Knowing what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq as your brother did? Andrea Mitchell, NBC News indicate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush failed to prepare for an 'anticated" question the Press will seek his answer. He then tries to go back and cover his tracts, recant phrases and said he did not quite understand the question.

Governor, if you did not understand the question in its intent, why not ask for the question to be repeated? Too often in American History we have blundered because of miscommunication that did not exist,

As American citizens compose the a population that is 98% possessing economic power while 2% have influenced, no directed the domestic agenda and foreign policy for decades! 

We, the American People do not need another President who constantly retracts and revises questions to safe face for the GOP. We do not need a President who when asked simple questions cannot offer truthful answers.

I would respond by asking another question. "Based on we know now with all of the losses, trillions in debt and chaos throughout that part of the world would I do what? Would and second as Commander-in-Chief still order an Invasion of Iraq? Absolutely Not! 

No, only a simpleton and powerful power brokers would repeat this horrible war. And knowing now includes not only those 3500 men who gave their lives, and perhaps 10,000 Veterans returning missing critical anatomy to function and walk normally, What of those who now struggle home in the USA with TBI and PTSD. their recovery uncertain and livelihoods now in jeopardy.

The question put to Jeb Bush was so simple and put to him straight forward. Jeb Bush should have seized upon that and replied without hesitation, "Of Course Not,"  Who would? I certainly would not stand before a banner the width of an aircraft carrier declaring "Mission Accomplished!"      

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

08:00 AM - An item in The Middle East Daily indicates Saudi Arabia are actively seeking applicants for executioners. With the Saudi military intervention in Yemen there is an increase in the number of captured who require extraordinary treatment.

More to come