Monday, June 29, 2015

The Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

JUNE 26, 2015


The recent Supreme Court decision is a ruling on Marriage between same sex couples as it applies to the Law. The majority interpreted that to deny gays to marry is a  violation of the Constitution. They decided that it is a "Constitutional Right." But, it is a human right! This and the Obama Care decisions I believe will be known as two landmark decisions of the 21st Century. Although a narrow margin for this decision with the 5 - 4 vote, it should send a message to those opposed.

It is time for the Koch Bros, Karl Rove, Rick Santorum, George Huckabee,  Rupert Murdoch, and FOX News who sided with Justice  Anthony Scalia and the other three dissenters  to take pause. The evangelical elitists and U.S. Citizens who identify with their anti-gay marriage opinion should do so as well.

Most will not, but as citizens whom oppose this historic Supreme Court ruling should consider a honest self examination of their opinions in regards to human rights, huge wage disparity and the  burden of taxes they have been encumbered for decades. 

The REPUBLICAN RIGHT, DEMOCRATIC RIGHT and the MEDIA all conspire to spread their brand of propaganda as they have over the past 50 years. The multi-nationals and super rich have a huge appetite for MONEY and power. They wish to leave nothing to chance. They will back candidates on both sides of an issue. How can they lose once the candidate takes office. They become part of an oligarchy that has replaced democracy. Their view of government is much like that of the old Soviet Union. Stalin would feel vindicated!  

It is their money that molds and shapes public opinion. The strategy they employ is ingenious and has been around for centuries. In the case of gay marriage they encourage and motivate the Evangelical movement to adopt extreme right wing stance. The far right claim there is no other moral or legal opinion and it should be the law among Christians. The Super Rich utilizes this technique as a method to divide the country. If the huge conglomerate corporations, financial institutions that control our economy  can instigate divisions among the middle class and poor, we will not pay attention to their agenda.

Some within the religious community need to examine their conscious and study the Bible with a modern enlightenment. The Bible was written by mere mortals. They were subject to their own bias and opinions. Most of the Bible does not quote Jesus Christ directly. Only in the Gospels you will find passages that are identified as the "exact words Christ spoke. Most were told in parables and most of the Bible is metaphor. There are portions of the Bible that were lost and others who came across their manuscripts filled in the gaps. There are those who challenge the Ruling on Gay Marriage to merely be the opinion of five lawyers. They argue how can five lawyers, mere mortals legislate what is to be Law. 

Again, the members of the Supreme Court has the mandate to interpret Our Constitution and how laws enacted by Congress or Executive Order by Presidents is not in violation of the First Amendment. It is there interpretation, not a mandate from five lawyers as George Huckabee argues.  

Hopefully, "It's only just beginning" of a grassroots movement among the majority of citizens who will eventually demonstrate and then demand for a Government by the People and for the People. They have consolidated power through the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Citizens United and other Super Pacs as legal under the Constitution. Here again Mr. Huckabee five lawyers influence the daily lives of all Americans from the price of gasoline, exporters we favor and even our core beliefs. Eventually America will awake and rid corporate and other lobby influence in Congress and within the Executive Office itself. The Time is now to let them know that their RULE is Over!