Sunday, July 12, 2015






The Chickens have Voted for a Strike!  They demand there is no more chicken feed wages, no more Chinese Bird Flue Imports, a Right to Organize!

If the American people will not organize and demonstrate out of the Fear of Reprisal, then the Roosters who wake you at dawn and chickens who lay eggs will. 

Rooster Cogburn of the Association of Rooster, Chicken and Hen organization is quoted in the Midwest Gazetteer: 

"We will exercise our right to fly the coop organize and assemble. We will cross any farmer's dirt road, interstate highway and Michigan and Pennsylvania Avenues. We will cackle and defy the threats of the NRA!  As the last rooster crows a new dawn, we as members of ARCH will protest peacefully against CITIZENS UNITED and the Wall Street Financial Institutions' endless scramble from truth, justice and the American way. They must cease this endless, outrageous practice by "hedging" their funds with little risk by  "putting all their EGGS in one basket!"  

The era of corporate insane salaries soaring far above the value of their labor, unethical if not illegal must come to an end. The undisputed chicanery and their white collar and Hampton blue blood crimes of the 2008 mortgage investment scandals can no longer bury their heads in sand. 

The corporate welfare embraced with "golden parachutes" when the CEO and Executives lay an "egg" no small investor can swallow. Today's leaders of industry based on scam and profit are an outrage to even the likes of George Pullman, J.P. Morgan and Mr. Haney.  American Icons of the past through gratitude became some of greatest philanthropists. 

These are not the leaders of Agrarian Reform as a Thomas Jefferson or Eli Whitney. These financial misfits are not the catalysts of a new Industrial Revolution and mentioned in the same breath of a Henry Ford, Thomas Edison or Detroit's Dodge Brothers. They do not possess the creative genius of a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as part of a collaborative genius igniting a Technological Revolution. 

These, the leaders of the institutional monetary and investment banks, insurance behemoths and the vast property owners do not compare to our heritage and legacy of American individual genius and know-how. I speak of those innovators of industry who through determination and courage of conviction united workers all across America and by grit and sacrifice defeated Nazi Fascism, neutralized communism in the name of Freedom, Equality and Democracy. They viewed all people as humans and won WWII. 

Our past, our heroes were not a "service industry" offering only "disservice" to the American People. The Greatest Generation would regurgitate with even the idea of the additional "convenience fees" as another snub to America. Fee upon fee, the added ingredients to their omelet of profit.  Today's leaders are the true masters of deception, manipulators of markets unseen as  they comb-over blunders while they maximize a basket of profit without breaking an egg! 

Have you noticed the Humpty Dumpty $kyrocketing price set at $5.00 for Jumbo Eggs! 

Not to mention the downsized every day essentials of Toilet Paper, Napkins and Paper Towels. The Koch Bros already control what Americans pay to use the can. I mean the nerve to sell 12-pack, double rolls for $16.97 is outhouse outrageous!

Can anyone explain the mad cow fear induced to justify unknown labels in Ground Beef? (I recently purchased Ground Cap?)  The typical family can hardly afford hamburger at $4.99 lb? My gosh, what is the price of SPAM?

What the hell has TIDE become? Is the price of Tide rising with Gold?  There is a higher level of patrol in the detergent aisle than INS/DEA security at the Mexican border. 

I can only wonder what is  the penalty for attempt to smuggle Tide out the door at Walmart? And do not even get me started on the record price of one pound of coffee which is really 12 ounces. Do you believe Juan Valdez is at fault? 

The FDA needs to investigate, enforce control and issue transparent reports to the American consumer. We the People need to at least scrutinize and come to the realization the agenda of  how the super rich snub their collective noses at Democracy. They control supply, setting prices, limiting purchases while destroying the middle class. 

What we witness today is the Super-Rich agenda in the increasing movement away from a free society, free economy and self governed America. Those who have and want it all now embrace what they once denounced. They care not for progress, but to revive a new Mother Russia.