Sunday, September 27, 2015


September 25 -27, 2015 - Observations Of a Bi-Polar Weekend



Where in God's Name were these people? Were they not in the same room with Pope Francis Borgoglio?

On the morning after Pope Francis challenged Congress to get their act together on the important issues of the day, Speaker John Boehner announces his retirement and a few dozen rejectionists in his own Republican Party cheer! I felt embarrassment for their continued juvenile behavior that divides the nation. From a distance I can feel the weight in Pope Francis's heart while members of Congress continue to oppose any chance of compromise.

I believe John Boehner made his courageous decision to step down from the strength of Pope Francis and his words. I realize now that Speaker Boehner is good man, a patriot and a great public servant who became sick and tired of the "idiots" and "clowns" within the Republican Party that refuse to compromise on anything. This from a Tea Party group that cannot decide on lunch.

Have I mentioned this before? Our Congress and all our leaders have been bought, sold and controlled by an underground government. They are at an undisclosed location. Their agenda is clear. The strategy is as old as the Old Testament. They rule by promoting division. They reside on both sides of the aisle. It is an orchestration of democracy only by name. They divert attention of the real issues. They do it out of greed, for money, for profit!

Did anyone hear what I heard in the Pope's address to Congress? Francis Bergoglio stood before all the world and told Congress that the sale of weapons throughout the world, the conflict and suffering it inflicts is for the Money. "Blood Money" he labeled it. "It is time to stop!"

This humble Pope with the courage of his convictions and "God On His Side" spoke the Truth about the United States number one export: Weapons of Destruction. It is means to profit at the cost of innocent lives. I have never heard anyone raise this issue before Congress. Have You?

The media followed up in summarizing the most critical points: Immigration, Planned Parenthood, Abortion and Climate Change. I did not read or hear a single media source cite the Pope's anti-war statements of fact. This is the Propaganda Americans have heard since the beginning of the Cold War and most do not know it.

However, the mood in the country improved by this humble seventy-eight year old every step and every mile in his motorcade he traveled. I was in awe of charismatic draw of hundreds of thousands. I held my breath with every turn in Central Park or the Ben Franklin Parkway that something dire might happen. But now after much analysis of what this Pope faces within his own Vatican, I have the feeling he is unsafe among his own. Perhaps, this is why he resides with the curia outside a luxury papal apartment.

Speaking of the analysts in covering the Papal visit, Chris Cuomo of CNN was absolutely awesome in his astute observation and questions, comments in his dialogue with the "experts" in theology and the background of the Man. Chris Cuomo did more than the ordinary journalist or television moderator by his research. He visited Buenos Aires, spoke with family and friends. He dug in to the story that in the previous conclave, Jorge Bergoglio begged for other members to vote not for him, but for the eventual winner, Pope Benedict.

Chris Cuomo did a fantastic job. By this I mean he follows in the footsteps of Jorge Bergoglio by going to the places, the slums of Argentina to perform his will. It is as though Pope Jorge Bergoglio has captured Cuomo's spirit and inspires him. We cannot thank him enough.

There Is Something Happening. Do You Feel It? I believe everyone feels something in his presence. We will have to wait and see how long the goodwill will last and if those in Washington finally get it. Pope Bergoglio in a continuous metaphor issued a

FIAT: Let It Be!

Let me know your thoughts or comments. Thank you.