Monday, January 25, 2016



 But Must Know the Basics due to the Presidential Election
This book will explain the current issues of the Presidential Campaign and the motivation of the outrageous Republican candidates. This is about YOU and the future of the U.S.
The book is Dark Money by Jane Mayer an investigative reporter for the New York Times who tells the story of the KOCH BROS. The author became intrigued. There are several unanswered questions about the Koch Bros and an intrigue on the American political theater.
I first heard of Dark Money last Tuesday, January 19 in a radio interview aired for NPR, Fresh Air, by Dave Davies. While I listened, almost all of the questions about political campaign reform, the influence of the unknown upon Washington D.C. and a whole lot more!
Dark Money reveals the facts that should frighten you as an American citizen!
Let me pause. If you do nothing else, then I urge you to go to the link below to listen to the Jane Mayer interview of last week on Fresh Air.
To Listen to the Jane Mayer interview go to the Fresh Air link from National Public Radio (NPR)
Dark Money is the kind of non-fiction, tell all book that will intrigue most of you. However, my thought is that like other books that precede this one, many of us will not purchase, borrow the book much less read ALL of it. I am so impressed about the nature of the political research and findings, the Truth that I concluded it is the most important book written the last eighty years!
This reads like a book review, report or PR statement. I would give Dark Money an X-Files rating!
If YOU have ever questioned our government, the complexity and number of critical issues before our country, you will find this book satisfying as well as fascinating.
If you have ever subscribed to any notion of the legitimacy of conspiracy theory, this book will go a long way in resolving doubt about what is hidden from the People.

Just who are the Koch Bros?  What is the truth behind reports of huge campaign donations they made under the guise of other non-profit entities? What is motivating them politically? To what extent does the money and power reach? How do they essentially decide the election of politicians who are then in their servitude?
Jane Mayer is worthy of the Pulitzer Prize for her exhaustive research into the family background and then the inner workings of Koch Industries. The author went to great lengths in obtaining “documents” never before revealed anywhere. This put her at risk of dangerous retribution by the target of her investigation.
There is so much more to convey. Jane Mayer has published an incredible work based on facts. The facts that have driven my own curiosity.
Therefore, I just wish to say that I am at the moment of this post, going to Barnes & Noble who are holding my copy of Dark Money.