Saturday, February 6, 2016



Today Governor Rick Snyder declined an invitation to testify before Congress. The House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee requested he appear on Wednesday, February 10th. This is the second of two different Congressional Hearings.
A spokesperson for the Governor announced he must decline due to a conflict in his schedule for this coming Wednesday.  He is scheduled to introduce a draft of a new budget to the Legislature. This is not a legitimate excuse as probably every Democrat in Legislature can attest. The Governor's proposed budget will be subject to scrutiny and revision several times. He should be called for "delay of game."
This is totally unacceptable to the residents of Flint and all of Michigan. In fact it is another slap in the face to those already suffering in Flint and Genessee County.
Rest assured, if the Governor Snyder was as contrite and committed to clean up his mess he would have insisted to appear. Instead, he chose to send a representative, the newly appointed Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Interim Director Keith Creagh. Isn't that a mouthful?

The Governor had his chance. He could have set his record straight by putting his story out on the field for everyone to see (and later to be challenged). Instead of accepting the ball at the kickoff, he denied his DEQ team a chance to put some points on the scoreboard.


This is a typical "trick play" that fools no one. It is an offside kick and in the playbook for years. It serves to cover-up, hide or protect Executive staff across every State Department and County level.
This strategy allows many of those who are appointees of the Governor a vehicle to avoid potential embarrassment or blame. It does not take an Elmore Leonard to deduce the obvious. Those who either do not possess the information or those they want to take a fall are put in the hot seat. 

Last week I viewed all three and half hours of testimony where Marc Edwards (VA Tech) and Luanne Walters a resident hero of Flint prepared and gave credible and detailed evidence to the Committee. On the other side, the State and EPA respondents were not connected to process or involved! This is some PR the governor hired.
I felt sorry for Keith Creagh as he sat red-faced much of the time, embarrassed because he simply did not have the answers to the questions. How could he give credible testimony when he has only recently appointed captain of the DEQ team?
By half-time, the Republican Chair of the House Oversight Committee realized the "rookie" director sitting in for Governor Snyder should be ruled as an "ineligible substitute."  The Governor chose to go on the offense. It did not work. He is called for a "right guard" down field who threw an "illegal block" to the game.
For all of his rhetoric, Republican Jason Chaffetz the Chairman failed to invite the Governor. One might say this is clearly a convenient oversight on his part.

"You can lead this governor to water, but a pencil must be lead."
Comment: Did I fit enough Football analogies in?