Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bill Maher & Bernie Sanders Explain 'Socialism' To America



By now most people have taken note of the primaries and the candidates and how it is playing out on the national stage. In Michigan the primary has past and Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist pulled off one of the greatest upsets in American political history. It was a relatively small margin, but a win nonetheless.
My purpose here is to help clarify how a majority of all Americans view or believe about Bernie's brand of socialist philosophy of economics and politics.
The You-Tube video above is a first step, I believe in removing the most negative connotations or deep-seated misgivings many Americans hold when they hear this nasty word: Socialism.
Socialism can sometimes be embedded in the systems Americans have been taught to hate. Marxism and Communism is what our country has fought to defeat across the globe and from making inroads into our way of life.
Since I began to write of this Presidential Campaign 2016, I have come across several references on social media where individuals or groups condemn socialism for reasons that are not quite accurate. The idea for example that Bernie Sanders is proposing a government takeover of the banks, private industry, private property, individual wealth is NOT TRUE! Anyone who attempts to convince you of this is wrong. All of the other candidates will try to sell you on this.
If I were to ask, do you favor Social Security Benefits? Medicare for the Elderly?  Medicaid for the Disabled or Children in Poverty?
Bernie Sanders believes that the vast majority of Americans, even Republicans will say they favor these programs. That is fine. They are "democratic socialist" programs that exist within the framework of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our way of life for the past 70 years.
Bernie Sanders maintains that these programs as introduced by President Franklin Roosevelt saved the nation and our democracy as part of a larger plan to lift Americans out from the Great Depression. Republicans vehemently opposed as they viewed Roosevelt's New Deal as Socialism.

Franklin Roosevelt in the face of overwhelming opposition by the Republicans and some Democrats could not sit by and let American families slide into oblivion. As President, Roosevelt took action!

Through Social Security, Fair Labor Standards, Unemployment Benefits and Public Works projects he brought America back from the precipice of total bankruptcy and families who would die in poverty.

In his 1944 Inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt outline what he considered a Second "Bill of Rights" for the American people. Roosevelt believed that every American capable and willing would have a job with wages sufficient to support himself and his family. He believed Americans should work 40 hours per week as a standard to guarantee workers would have time to spend with their families. He believed Americans were entitled to paid vacations and sick leave and more!

Franklin D. Roosevelt did not live long enough in this his fourth term to see his vision through with the adoption of the ideology and programs. Essentially, these "socialist programs"  ended there until President Lyndon Johnson declared his War on Poverty and The Great Society in the early 1960's.

TODAY, as the once prominent middle class has shrunk over the past 40 years, family and child poverty increasing at an alarming rate and our youth without the means to attend public college at an affordable amount, Sen. Sanders has taken up YOUR cause. Bernie is not introducing  anything "radical" or "new"  that is not already in place in countries far less wealthy. 

Bernie Sanders is condemned by conservatives, especially to the far right because he is a threat to their vast fortunes fed by their unconscionable greed. 

The Republicans and even Democrats scoff at his vision of universal health care, free education, raising the minimum wage to one that can support families with dignity and to progress. They say these things cannot be paid for. They are wrong.

The Congressional and other political leaders are demonizing the vision of Sanders as they are beholden to protect the most wealthy in this country.

Americans need to stand up and be heard, we need to vote for Bernie Sanders as the Time is Now! If everyday Americans in the bottom 98% do not stand together now, it may be the last chance to reform and radically revolutionize our Democracy.

Donald Trump calls Bernie Sanders weak to put it mildly. But, Trump bases his entire campaign and his race to ascend to authoritarian rule based on fear, hatred, bigotry and division with not a single plan of substance.

The "political revolution" to which Bernie Sanders ascribes is one is more practical than radical. It is a change in government by the "People" and for all People, not the wealthy. It is a political revolution in the sense that our current representatives in government say no to billionaire campaign contributions that buy not only elections but ensure that officeholder is beholden to them.

The Time is Now! Both Republican and Democrats in all seats or offices across the country must end the corrective nature of a rigged system. They must stand and perform the duties for which they are sworn to uphold.
This political revolution begins with your Vote at the ballot box, It is a vote to end corruption and return our priorities to common sense. It  is a non-violent revolution for change that is actually a return to the democracy we once held dear.

It is a bloodless revolution at this moment, this time in our history and for this election. If We the People with common sense, fairness and sense of justice for all do not act now, circumstances will deteriorate further. A new sense of urgency based on fear, greed and falsehoods may prevail.

If America accepts the "deal" where exclusion, bigotry, fear, racism and authoritarian power governs, the political landscape will definitely change and it will be bloody red.

PLEASE WATCH AND LISTEN TO THE YOU TUBE POST ABOVE. There are other you tube videos to gain more insight, but one in particular is a Bernie Sanders speech given at Georgetown University last November.