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To Black, Hispanic and All Voters in Michigan, Your Time is NOW!  VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS on Tuesday!

Detroit & Flint, MI (updated March 6, 2016)
The Truth is  Bernie Sanders up to this time has been snubbed by Black leadership with a blanket endorsement of Hillary Clinton. The rationale has been to stick with someone "they know." This kind of thinking among white male voters gave a second term to George W. Bush and WE all know where that led. And, President Obama inherited not only Bush blunders but the blame for income inequality, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the collapse of the economy at the hands of Wall Street.
The old ways are not working. It is time for a peaceful movement and a non-violent political revolution for the very survival of the poor and middle class, especially blacks in a racist America. The call is for someone outside the mainstream, someone with a conscience, new ideas, common sense, fairness for ALL Americans. A vast number of the(95%) Black, Hispanic and White voters are crying out for radical change.

If a black Detroit, a black Flint and blue collar Macomb County look within themselves for what is best for you, your children and the community you share, there is really only one choice in Barry Sanders. An alarming number of white Americans look to an outsider, a Republican who espouses dangerous fascism.
Well there is no one more of an outsider to Washington politics and an unknown to blacks and even most white voters until now. That person is Bernie Sanders. It is regrettable to report  that Hillary Clinton by nature of her history in lofty positions since as a First Lady makes her a part of the old guard among Democrats. It is regrettable as well that whether Hillary Clinton likes it or admits it, she has been the recipient of financial support of Wall Street and the Banking lobbyists. The "too big to fail banks" over the years now spends an average of $1,000 per day, per member of Congress to secure their votes. The banking industry fears the reforms gained under President Obama, but continue to prey upon those in economic stress through an unconscionable practice of predatory lending. Those of you who live in Detroit, Flint, Benton Harbor and SW Detroit know the outrage.
The South Carolina primary resulted in a landslide vote for Hillary Clinton among Black voters. However, there is good reason to believe that Hillary fought for the endorsement of black leadership and not the best interest of the voters. Clinton's strategy paid off as she captured a whopping 85% advantage over Sanders. 
However, in recent analysis, most political media online and print experts have since detailed how Bernie Sanders has historically a stronger record of civil rights activism that began long before Hillary Clinton ever saw the light. Her campaign highlighted at every turn the close relationship she has with President Barack Obama and Rep. James Clyburn (D) South Carolina.
John Lewis, the revered Civil Rights leader of the 60's repeatedly stated publicly that he "never saw Bernie Sanders" in Selma or among the "Freedom Riders" of that violent period. "He may have been among those in the 1963 March on Washington, but I never saw him."
Lewis is correct on the latter, Bernie Sanders was there and served as more than a spectator. In fact Sanders record of Civil Rights is rather impressive as Rep. Clyburn acknowledged only moments prior to the primary. This came too little too late to revise the rhetoric and blacks clung to Hillary just as John Lewis held to the rationale that she was a "known" to South Carolina, I know Hilary, "never met Sanders."
Oddly in weeks up to the primary, Clyburn withheld endorsement of either candidate until the last minute where he admits he chose with "his heart." If you look hard for the Truth you will find Bernie Sanders is the only Democrat or Republican with a lifelong record fighting for You.
Where was Bernie Sanders during the early years of the Civil Rights movement? Was he, as John Lewis would question, among the Freedom Riders that set out on May 4,1961?

No Bernie was not among those on the bus. But he does have the physical and emotional scars of his active leadership in organized sit-ins and protests while at the University of Chicago. It is well documented that Sanders was named a student leader for CORE and the SNCC. Sanders led a protest of the university discrimination against blacks in obtaining campus housing.
At that time the white Polish Jew was a mere 19 years old. So I ask Mr. Lewis, "did you really expect to see a skinny kid from Brooklyn seated among the Freedom Riders?"
I think not.
At that same time a 14 year old Hillary Clinton supported none other the radical conservative warmonger, Barry Goldwater! It is no small wonder as Secretary of State she often disagreed with President Obama in the use of military action abroad.

Hillary enjoyed the privileges of Yale, while poor Bernie, born in Brooklyn struggled to attend the University of Chicago. As a black minority You know inherent segregation of that city and the repressive political machine of Mayor Daly.

Bernie Sanders was there. Bernie Sanders knows the pain of economic injustice. Bernie Sanders continues the fight against the institutional racism within the establishment
Now let's look at the present. Don Lemon, commentator for CNN hosted a segment where four black citizens appeared and argued for the candidates they supported. One young lady espoused the virtue of a complete outsider: Donald Trump.
A young black man (with all his faculties) put forward his view. He did not vocalize his support for either Clinton or Sanders. However, he challenged the brainwashed Trump supporter in his adamant argument that the Democratic Party is the only choice for black voters in the future. In effect, the chaotic Republican Party fighting for an identity are not going to be on the side of blacks, Hispanics, middle class whites and the poor.
These are only a few of the reasons that the Bernie Sanders movement is not only a further expansion of Civil Rights for blacks, but a political and economic revolution for all Americans who continue to endure the pain of the oppressive economics of an oligarchy. The most wealthy conservatives have at best paid lip service to civil and human rights. With all their promises, the mantra of free enterprise and elitist capitalism, the Koch Bros, Trump, Romney, Cruz, Rubio, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and our Governor Rick Snyder will never have the interest of blacks at heart. Nor does he care for Michigan's seniors and the middle class. 
The facts are there. Rick Snyder as a dictator in Michigan experiments with the health of blacks in the City of Flint. Governor Snyder and a Republican Legislature treat the minorities, the poor and middle class as "disposable." Bernie Sanders is first to decry the crimes committed in Flint and unlike the other candidates calls for the removal of Rick Snyder as governor.
The eyes of the Nation are looking to Michigan to affirm with your Vote!
The Time is Now!
The Truth is at Hand! 
 Only Bernie Sanders will succeed in OUR political revolution!