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A Film "Clinton Cash"  is to Premier on the Eve of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia

Author Peter Schweizer released Clinton Cash last May has been made into a film. It is to appear at Cannes Film Festival (not as an official entry). It is an expose on the Clinton's and their finances since leaving office.

Bill Clinton left Washington with millions in debt from legal fees. When he
joined the speaking circuit as we know he made more speeches than Barack Obama on Inauguration Day. What Bill Clinton soon discovered is that various universities and other organizations were more than willing to pay exorbitant amounts for his speeches. The 
number of speaking engagements increased in the ensuing years. It is an easy gig, Bill was making money hand over fist for something he loves to do, public speaking. 

As the Clinton debt dissipated and he was now flush with cash, Bill needed a vehicle to stash the excess cash. From there, the Clinton Foundation was born. The Foundation as presented to the IRS and the public is one of a philanthropic organization where the influx of cash from Bill's speaking fees would be deposited. Later when Hillary left her position to prepare for her Presidential bid, she also joined the speakers circuit to raise cash for her campaign as well as the foundation.

By 2013 the Clinton Foundation accumulated an astounding $277.8 million in assets. It took in $144.3 million, but doled out only $8.8 million. Current studies indicate that only 10% of funding actually goes to those they vow to assist.

One alarming revelation in Clinton Cash is that as Secretary of State, Hillary made use of the power of her office to accept donations from foreign nations to fund the Clinton Foundation. The actual transactions occurred "on the side" so to distance them from her every day duties. As the Secretary worked to improve relations for the Untied States she made allies and developed a loyal base of foreign donors to advance the Clinton agenda. 

Among the nations," Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Norway, Algeria, and the Dominican Republic all lavished millions upon the Clinton Foundation.”

What is most troubling is the oath Hillary made to President Obama that she would not accept donations from foreign nations. However, the facts speak to the contrary. The Secretary was to file routine reports with the White House as to any donations or finances that may be seen as a conflict of interest. The Secretary is said to have not kept true to this order by the President.

One of the transactions that grabs attention is a State Department negotiation of the sale of uranium to Russia. It was a complicated transaction with other players involved. In the end, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a single speech in Moscow.
In an article that first appeared in Capitol Research Center in a number of rather alarming events are documented. One is the work of Barbara Jonanna Lucas of Foundation Watch in her piece first appearing in May 2015.
The Clinton Foundation: A cauldron of conflicts and cronyism
In reference to the foundation, the author concludes:

In recent years it has functioned more like an unofficial campaign headquarters for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. And if there is one thing the Clintons are good at, it’s getting paid. The Clintons said the charity would not accept donations from foreign governments while Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State. They must have been crossing their fingers behind their backs because it was recently revealed that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at the State Department. Making matters worse, Hillary Clinton’s cavalier approach to U.S. national security has also spilled over into her family’s foundation…”

Whenever suspicious financial facts such as these no matter who it may be are revealed by competent independent journalists, the corporate media chooses to ignore or sweep under the carpet. The major news networks will not devote any coverage to suspect campaign financing and source of personal wealth of politicians.

This what has drawn fire from Bernie Sanders. This is the influence of what he labels as the corporate media. 

Do not look for any extended discourse to occur on the Sunday morning news shows.  We simply cannot rely on a biased corporate media to report and any issue of real concern.

The HRC is now so confident and has all but declared she is the presumptive nominee. As she concentrates on strategy to defeat Donald Trump, they summarily dismiss Bernie Sanders as an irritant.  What is irritating is that MSNBC and other corporate networks eagerly join in! 

The Democratic Party and Conservative Media has stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders and prevent his nomination. But, who do you trust? Bernie Sanders is the only choice.

Hillary looks concerned?
 Even today after the Sanders victory in the Indiana primary, Clinton and the networks continue to dismiss the emergence of an energized wing of the Democratic Party. This nomination is not yet won. The irony here is that in an instant, the chaotic Republicans have decided on their nominee, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have suspended there campaigns and the Republican Party is looking to consolidate and unite at Cleveland. It does not appear there will be any troubling violence there.
Where it was thought that Hillary Clinton would have this lock, stock and barrel by this date, the process is not over. She has not made any public statement about the Sanders victory in Indiana and the prospect she could lose in many of the remaining primaries. It is this type of elitism and arrogance, her lack of touch with ordinary and struggling Americans that will (or should) be her downfall.  
This whole business of the Clinton campaign financing is just that. It is more of a corporate marketing strategy to gain power. This is a grave concern of the first order that demands full discourse among both pledged and super delegates at the Democratic Convention.
If it is given serious examination, the party establishment should come to the reality that Hillary Clinton is not the best opponent to face the Republicans in the fall. To be sure, if the cloud over financing is not cleared, you can bet that Donald Trump will exploit  at every turn.
Do the Democrats want a recycled campaign from the past; or an energized political movement that can just explode on the American scene with the full support of the Party?
Just, Imagine... what can be!

Daily Mail: ‘Clinton Cash’ Film Explodes into Campaign


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5 Hillary scandals the media is missing  - by Edward Klein

ADDENDUM - JUNE 25, 2016

Upon writing this piece I knew I would receive negative reactions from my former work peers with state government, mostly now older women with a strong sense for politics and working man issues. However, what I got was mostly "silence" at first publishing.

There was the one incorrigible Jane who was somehow rallying to Hillary's defense on a constant basis with a flurry of Clinton propaganda and anti Sanders sentiments. Or, is it the other way around? I took her to be a Bernie supporter but I guessed wrong.

But, the silence of the others gave me pause and I felt nervous. I did not wish to alienate any of my liberal friends. Just as I had reacted to the Face Book Page Liberal America, the reason I researched into the dark past of the candidates was to see if there was any Dark Money lurking behind them or in support. I was shocked as anyone when learning of the questionable Clinton Foundation. After pause, I thought best to go forward with the best, most reliable information I had. I wanted to be fair. I knew chances for Sanders to win the nomination outright were small, but I too realized Clinton would become the democratic nominee and out of party loyalty and a sane mind, there is no vote for Donald, but whomever the Democrats pick.

I recalled seeing a bit earlier a documentary regarding the Clinton years and the scandals that were almost the undoing of the "come-back kid' in Bill Clinton. The first and most damaging occurred when the Jennifer Flowers story broke just as Bill's campaign was heading into new Hampshire.
The extra-marital affair drew attention from every media outlet across the country and coverage over what seemed silly became big, real big. And the Internet was not yet in play. (Remember, the Internet did not take full hold of the globe until Bill's running mate, Al Gore re-invented or invented or pushed it somehow. And this was after the 1990 election).

However, there was a Sixty Minute interview with Dan Rather or one of those old guys with both Hillary and Bill seated next to each other on a love seat to be questioned, rather directly by Dan. In viewing this now, some 25 years later, I could only recall Hillary's pronounced acceptance in marriage and politics of her spouse. There was the famous quote, "I am not one of those, 'Stand by Your Man' women like Tammy Wynette" the country singer. She sat on Bill's left, seated almost diagonally to give her best "camera side" and within a whisper of his ear. She was so youthful, but appeared with little make-up. Her hair always seen as "down" was pulled back and tied in a bun. It was as if to ensure her ears heard every word and not a dangle would block view of any twitch.

It was evident from the start that the Clintons also "staged" their seating arrangement in such a way to grab any camera angle together as the happy couple they wished to now portray or re-enforce. The Sixty minute questions were directed primarily at Bill and he gave some rather poised, carefully worded answers as to his devotion to Hillary and that he did not believe their marriage was in jeopardy. All the time, in the same close  shot, one saw Hillary with her eyes transfixed on Bill's lips as not so to support but as to say, "that's how I told you to answer. ...keep using those words... this is all part of our deal."

Then there came the crash of a television light from above. Hillary jumped up screaming "O Jesus" and Bill right with her (as to say I am here Hill..). No sooner had he told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the  truth, so help me ... CRASH" to Rather, a lightening bolt hit immediately behind this couple. Was it coincidence or a foreshadow of what was to come?

Clinton went on to win an upset in new Hampshire and weathered many storms getting into and remaining in the White House in the coming eight years. It seems every time big trouble was brewing, Hillary put on her humble and forgiving wife outfit for the media and forgave her husband. She has fought off twice as many innuendos and scandals and has done it by herself it seems up in front of the cameras anyway. Perhaps, Bill Clinton now head of a powerful political war machine is operating behind the curtain paving the way down a "yellow brick road" to the land "where bluebirds sing" and if Bill can sing, "then why, Oh... oh...why can't I?" 

This is American Politics at it's best. One can be live, active on the scene as political events such as the first Clinton election magic occurred. As a supporter, but on the sideline you can view this Sixty Minute interview and not make much of it. However, that was then and this is now. There have been thousands of pages of transcripts, testimony and hours of Bill orating since the first election. Many more cymbals would clash before he and the media and the Republican Congress and the ones hidden upstairs in the White house living quarters.

Looking back, it makes one ponder if the most critical deals for the country may be made behind closed bedroom doors.