Thursday, April 7, 2016




In light of the media frenzy surrounding yesterday's flair up between the Democratic Candidates, I thought it best to edit, add and make revision to this post. For what it is worth, I combined some of the character traits of a President and grouped them.
The personal remarks of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as to which is the best qualified are regrettable. Up to this time the Democrats have stuck to policy issues and how they contrast. Republicans remain mired in the muck of name calling, accusations and an embarrassing debate of the size of body parts.
I am a bit embarrassed for Bernie as he became a victim of Feeling his own Bern. Senator Sanders voiced his reply to the remarks of Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. Bernie over-reacted to the attack by the wording in a Clinton campaign outline of strategy. Both have since retracted and restated the intention of their words. It is interesting I find how all the media devoted a lot of attention to the incident and an attempt to exploit the event as a potential split threatening party unity.  


Bernie's Latest Ad Will Give You Chills - The Young Turks post on You Tube
This is a 4 minute video. Please watch at least from start up to 1:15

As I viewed this video it brought to mind, who in modern American History was qualified to be President of the United States? Some will view this video as political fantasy, unattainable and impractical. However, there is one lesson throughout the history of man. Positive change always begins from the bottom up; not the top down.

Who is qualified is the focus of contention between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as their campaigns move to the media driven City of New York. This argument is now regrettable for both candidates because this is the city where print and television media feed on any hint of derision as the "byte" they can feed on that only results in confusing the real issues. 

New York is where no statement, no phrase or speech is safe from exaggeration and sensationalism of the media recognized to have the "qualifications" and "credentials" of a Free Press and responsible journalism. Yet, it is an unscrupulous small group of tabloids to headline for profit.

The question may be what are the inherent characteristics we look for in  a candidate for President? Of course, this may be a wish list of lofty ideals. I attempted to compile a list of those most desirable. (It would be a revealing exercise to rate the candidates as you view them).

  • TRUST in People, thus earning the People's Trust
  • JUDGEMENT in Decision Making with foresight and ability to reverse as needed
  • TRUTH and Transparency in American Government
  • VISION of future challenges and changes to status quo
  • ADVOCATE for the RIGHTS of all Americans for the Common Good
  • JUSTICE for all Americans acknowledging paradox of Equality v. Individual Freedom promoting Self-Determination to individuals and States when applicable
  • INDEPENDENCE from any & all outside influence of PRIVATE, CORPORATE Interest
  • ACCOUNTABILITY for mistakes, willingness to change, by an
  • ACCEPTANCE of  SELF weighing strengths, admission of shortcomings
  • ABILITY to LISTEN and INVITE competing opinions, Advice & Value of Compromise
  • RECOGNITION of the value of our HISTORY and REVELANCE today
  • KNOWLEDGE in areas of both Foreign and Domestic
  • UNIVERSAL RESPECT for all nations, religions, races with Compassion, Empathy and
  • SENSE OF AMERICA'S changing role in relation to the world

  • COURAGE without FEAR or Impose the Politics of Fear
  • INSPIRE to mobilize a Nation with a DESIRE to promote a sense of MORALITY
  • WILLINGNESS to face challenges to our Environment without Denial
  • ADHERENCE to the Preservation of the Constitution by examination of Executive Order
  • FAITH in Patriotism of the American people promoting within all Industries
These are qualifications of one who aspires to the highest office. This is the quality of character Presidents should possess or a devotion to acquire. After all, no one is perfect.