Thursday, April 14, 2016




Thursday, April 14, 2016

An 1889 Monument to George Washington or, Bernie's Arc De Triomphe

By now you are aware that Paul Song, a longtime health care advocate had the audacity to invoke language unbecoming and "inappropriate" to political campaigns. Song was speaking to a crowd in excess of 27,000 young supporters. The media "who love the political gossip" (Bernie Sanders) and "not the issues" that face our nation. Here is Paul Song's remark.

"I agree with Hillary, Medicare-for-all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us."

Paul Song was speaking to the hypocrisy of all politicians who say they support the working class, but when it comes down to what they actually do is many times quite the opposite.

Paul Song's words and use of the description of "democratic whores" became the story since he said them. He has since apologized and tweeted his regret. He indicates that he never intended to insult one individual but those in Congress who cower to big money interests.

Enough is enough! Time for the cliché, "let's but it behind us and move forward. The Republicans are far ahead in delegating low blows and insults.

I mean how did the media even know you said the "Hoe" word? The media has written off the Sanders campaign, the Democratic establishment has dismissed his vision as fantasy.  The Clinton campaign official response is more of the same, outrageous hypocrisy.

Hillary Clinton as a seasoned and qualified politician pushed her spokespersons to respond to all of the media. The statements and answers to Hillary's reaction was spun off as if Karl Rove was calling the shots. Here is some of the lowlights.

  • Robby Moot, spokesman for Clinton iterated the description of so many others in stating the  use of such language is deplorable and unacceptable in any political campaign.
  • When pressed with the question, what is the official response of Hillary Clinton to the thousands and thousands supporters in Washington Park in support of Bernie Sanders? Moot could only issue the party line by invoking that the Clinton campaign has 2 million more votes and that is what is important.
  • What he wanted to say is that of the 27,000 plus crammed in Washington Park most are disenfranchised by voter registration rules. They will not vote, so the presence of thousands of supporters is meaningless.
  • The process calls for potential voters to register one year in advance and if you are an "independent" you will be denied vote. These rigid, rigged and ridiculous rules must be the work of a political prostitute.
  • Next defense is one that has no defense. How is it Hillary Clinton can accept $225-K contribution from Verizon and then join in support of their striking workers? Are you not aware that Hillary supports working people even though she gains financial support from those she opposes. She has a record of being a "fierce critic and fighter" to Wall Street. Yeah, right. If you believe that Bernie has a bridge he can sell you on the way to the debate tonight.  
  • Ready for the coup de grasse? Twenty years ago (yes 20 years ago), Mr. Moot put forth a scandal of Watergate proportion, "the NRA contributed to attack Mr. Sander's opponent in his run for Congress." 

Oye Vie! The litany goes on and on. I cringe upon hearing another Clinton spokesperson in reacting to the Woodstock in Washington Park. In her attempt to find any meaning in the throngs of Bernie supporters, she said "I have seen thousands of people coming out to see Hillary. I have seen mothers and their daughters cry" hearing her words. I wanted to vomit. I changed the channel.

If only the New York Voting Laws could change their channel, if only the courts would overturn or stay the primary until the rules changed. If only the hypocrisy of big campaign donors could be overturned... we may have free and democratic elections.

There is one certainty in all of this craziness. After this election year, the future of American Campaign financing will be profoundly challenged and the result will uphold the People's Right to Vote. Most important, every vote will count.

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