Friday, May 13, 2016


 May 13, 2016


It is only six months from the 2016 Presidential Election. Everyone agrees that this is the year where anything will happen. A gaggle of Republicans descends upon the political scene some unknown and uninvited. Immediately, they take ownership of "crazy" and go to great lengths to keep their lead, adding "juvenile, obnoxious behavior, outrageous vision on the issues" and "wild accusations of family history." It has been "Animal House" on steroids.

Much to our surprise, chief crazy Donald Trump wraps up his nomination prior to what is predicted to be a riot in Cleveland at the convention.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton is bristling. She did not foresee she would ever Feel the Bern and resentment is evident when Bernie Sanders refuses to acquiesce and subjugate to her establishment agenda.

Hillary decides to go on the offense, dismissing Sanders and ignores fact his revolution is growing while his team goes on hitting home, racking up a winning streak equal to New England's Boston Red Sox.



Hillary embarks on a blitz where she "paints herself into a corner."  She begins a new campaign tact focusing on Donald Trump. Her campaign dismisses the Sanders with an arrogant, cavalier approach and the audacity her claim to the nomination has been hers since 2008.

Hillary Clinton insists on running the race "her" way and it will result in defeat. The top ten reasons this may occur:

  1. The Hillary ego has inflated as Secretary of State ever increasing and now larger than that of Bill Clinton, the lady-in-waiting. She insists to maintain a strategy retaining her ties closely to the President at a time when the public has called for sweeping change.
  2. Hillary fails to recognize the emergence of an electorate that embraces Donald Trump who she views as a buffoon lacking all the polish of a Washington elite.
  3. The strategy to defeat Trump turns to television airing a slick clip. Relying on traditional politics the AD features a collage of "has been" Republicans condemning a Trump presidency. Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Marco and Ted Cruz give their nasty best lines.
  4. Hillary may as well have used Rick Perry or Dick Cheney in her appeal to the voter that Donald Trump is so out of the mainstream as presidential material. Does she not see  this argument falls on deaf ears? The American public are enraged with establishment politicians. Trump is not.
  5. Much more critical to her approach is her relentless use of logic in her attempts to topple the Trump tower. This is the candidate who defiantly stated that he could "shoot someone in the middle of Wall Street and no one would say a thing." She is trying to defeat the joker in the deck.
  6. Hillary fails to see that the promises of Trump building the Mexican wall, bombing ISIS oil, banning all Muslims and deporting 11 million illegal aliens, etc. is rhetoric embraced by multitude of supporters.
  7. Hillary relies on her established record. Americans find it boring and the same old same old politics. At the same time Trump, whether by design or dumb luck has defined his own brand. It has nothing to do with politics. He is adept at speaking to his throngs with "what they want to hear" and says it like it is. The rules of a politically correct campaign are out!
  8. She introduces the "woman card" to counter Trump's degradation of her gender. Trump counters with allegations she is an enabler to her husbands philandering and sexual improprieties with a touch of a National Enquirer.
  9. Trump is playing his cards as that of a maverick. Hillary is dealing from the bottom of the deck stacked with "queens" and his is one of all "kings."
  10. No matter how obnoxious, insulting and wild, the polls show among his wide support that Donald Trump is trustworthy. His unfavorable count may be higher than Clinton but her image is suspect, disingenuous and this includes a number of women that hold firm to a claim they hate Hillary Clinton.


The Democratic Party leadership has faithfully backed the Clinton campaign although about now they must have serious reservations. John Podesta and James Carville have the unenviable job of how to change course. Hillary with all of her intellect and political savy is handicapped by her stubbornness.

Recent reports that the President has intervened to slow the FBI investigation, the Wall Street transcripts and the suspect Clinton Foundation improprieties in foreign donations will be only a part of a Trump attack. These issues will continue to follow her into November.
The task of creating a "new brand" is monumental.

The fact that "Morning" Joe Scarborough has taken a position the Democrats have orchestrated a plan to derail and minimalize the success of the Sanders campaign is gaining credibility. There is the question of the tiresome display of the media consistently posting what publically appears to be an insurmountable lead with super delegate graphics day after day. More recent revelations point to the misconception that Hillary has three million more votes than Bernie Sanders when they fail to include the voter count in caucus States.

How Hillary can reverse the flaws and her negatives in the public view is beyond what many believe is unachievable. They say Bernie's idealistic agenda is not much more than wishful thinking. Sanders is a one issue candidate of income inequality. However, the fact remains Clinton has inherent flaws of character difficult to digest.

A "whisper" of a Hillary campaign slogan.

"Don't ask about Wall Street and I won't tell"

Hillary Clinton appears to run with blinders seeing only a narrow establishment path.

Next up: Bernie Sanders can run the table all the way to Philadelphia