Monday, May 2, 2016


Media Coverage Focuses on Sensational, While Radical Right Suppresses Freedom of the Press


This is one example how MSNBC distorts or misleads American Voters among Democrats



Delegate Results*  2383 needed to win            2049 delegates remaining to be won

  Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
Pledged Delegates 1,243    975
Super delegates    469      29
Total 1,712  1,004


MSNBC continues to aggravate Sanders supporters and Independent voters with their continuous posting of the delegate count on the Democratic side. They deliberately include the super delegates in the total delegate count. This misleads the voter to believe Hillary is so far in front she will win. (A ploy used to influence voters).

MSNBC interprets the math is impossible for Bernie Sanders to make up a difference of 80%, while Hillary needs only 20%. If you correctly deduct the super delegate count, Hillary leads Bernie by 268 pledged delegates. The Huffington Post concludes Bernie Sanders needs only 57% of the remaining delegates to win the pledged total of 2383.

At the same time MSNBC considers Donald Trump as the favored winner needs the same 57%. As Bernie Sanders is saying now, “this will be a contested convention.”


Television, Radio Networks, Print Media have sunk to a new low. America has seen the tragic loss of honest unbiased reporting has taken leave at a critical time in this a Presidential Election year.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy over a year ago. As he was spewing out racial slurs of blacks, a vicious attack meant to insult all Mexicans and his” wall.” Trump’s pronouncement launched a media frenzy. The television networks and other media gave full coverage to every event and gave the Trump campaign a free ride. Rather than raising awareness to the core issues of Bernie Sanders, the media chose to sensationalism. The networks dominated by radical right ideology perhaps reluctantly, gave their sanction. The focus of network coverage became a convenient excuse to dismiss the real issues for political benefit while the media ratings turned profit.

Now the Republicans are stuck with this monster that conservative radio talk shows, the press and television created. The radical right talk show hosts jumped at the chance to increase ratings and points, thus profit by the pretender. The media put aside the important issues deserving a dialogue all for profit. The radical right hosts began to agree with the angry and off the wall callers. They unleashed a mania among the public and network executives enjoyed the increase in ratings and profits.

The facts are distorted and the power of network influence now shapes public opinion. Journalistic integrity is disappearing. It is seen as a failure in providing factual information and credible information. John Zeigler, conservative talk show expert agrees that good journalism is (nearly) extinct. He blames it on “conservative media” not mentioning the Liberal word. Mr. Zeigler appeared on The Last Word .

It was more than a week ago my frustration and level of anger reached a new high due to the incredulous reporting I witnessed. It was reassuring to hear Mr. Zeigler, a staunch conservative essentially affirm my view. I long held an opinion that the overall media has been subject to outside right wing influence. I began to write so to share my thoughts and how I now view the failure of "the media" to provide the whole truth to Americans. The omission of all of the facts is intentional. Television and especially radio routinely air the agenda of the radical right.

Long ago I came to theorize that the “media” as a whole is becoming more conservative and now moving toward a “radical right.” However, to dig in to this theory it only makes sense to “follow the money.” My suspicions had become a frightening reality. The wealthy members have been consolidating power and their broadcast views through acquisition of those media companies with the label as Liberal.



If you investigate the power, money and the ownership behind the huge media giants you can see how the Radical Right has taken over. They act out of greed but also to saturate print, airwaves, cable and Internet with their own propaganda and reshape American thinking. What you can affirm by Internet is who owns what in America.

CNN is owned by Time Warner & Ted Turner

NBC, MSNBC, CNBC is owned by COMCAST, GE and Universal Studios Comcast is now a huge conglomerate and has a monopoly on Broadband Internet and programming. They are considered as one of the most unfavorable cable services company in America. They are exercising control of content at an alarming rate. MSNBC unabashedly favor Hillary Clinton.

COMCAST is among the top ten donors to the Clinton Campaign. Is there any connection between their time allotted to Hillary over Bernie? Is there a reason why they have in the past week dismissed the Sanders campaign with an impossible path to victory?

FOX News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post is controlled by News Corp (Rupert Murdoch} who has been purchasing media of all types as part of a collection. He recently signed a partnership with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal whose uncle is King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

ABC News is part of The Walt Disney Studios. A corporation cited for labor violations and pays its’ workers $8 - $9.00 per hour.

Washington Post has for decades been owned by the Graham Family but recently reconfigured as The Washington Post Company. The editorial opinion has been increasingly been moving to the Right.

New York Times is now owned by Peter Bezos of Bezos is new to print media and his political leanings or intent are unclear. However, early on Tuesday the Times printed a misleading statement that Bernie Sanders would reassess his campaign and drop out of the race.

CBS Corporation is a huge conglomerate in partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment with their corporate hand in every imaginable communication including publishing (Simon & Shuster) Showtime, Smithsonian Cable and many others.

CBS has opposed to broadband expansion to areas without digital access to the Internet. CBS seems to like their position of control. Most notable is the firing of Dan Rather for his expose on George W. Bush lack of service in the Air National Guard.  

Verizon (AOL is owned by) The Huffington Post whose workers are in a bitter contract fight.

And how about Clear Channel controlled by BAIN Capital/ Thomas H. Lee with the largest radio network with 886 radio stations and syndicates 90 right wing programs serving 5,800 radio stations nationwide. The most profitable include the Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity shows. Their far right radical politics are a given.



Truthout is an online source for the best of the best in online information and articles written by investigative reporters or experts in the field.I had held the opinion that alternative websites lack credibility and those do exist. Truthout differs from other tabloid-type of sites that focus on the sensational just as the network media. The story I came across is the result of an international study by (RSF}) Reporters Without Borders.

Take a look at today’s edition of Common Dreams a website contains a potential bombshell revelation regarding Charles Koch. He has been interviewed for ABC News where he assesses the viability of the upcoming election. The article appears on.

"It's Possible": Koch Brother Says Hillary Clinton Might Be Best Choice for Him

Here we have a far right Libertarian out to destroy every program for the common good and with little reservation states “it’s possible that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be better at fulfilling his libertarian and pro-business agenda than any of the Republicans currently in the running. Why have the networks downplayed this story? Why have they avoided asking Hillary Clinton for a comment?

Now unless Charles Koch is just feeding sarcasm to the media, this is should wake up Democrats who have been supporting Hillary and voting for her in the primaries. The fact is that his assessment is true. Recent research is quite revealing how the Clintons has made the most of Superpacs and other questionable donations over recent years.


Charles Koch is sitting back, withholding financial support for any of the Republican presidential candidates and waits in the “bushes” in a strategy to remain on the sideline quietly rooting for a Hillary Clinton victory. He views this as the best possible outcome of all of the alternative candidates. And Koch will have a win without spending a buck! This is not in your best interest. If Koch’s assessment favors Hillary it is should be the number one issue for public discourse with plenty of network coverage. Guess again, it is improbable to happen.

You can view the article and Charles Koch interview at.

Clinton Cash financing and their Foundation warrant network scrutiny and investigation. For some reason, they have failed to do so. This information should be made broadcast for public consumption. The Media has an ethical responsibility to do so. Why does the media fear to give the “sensational” coverage if they should actually expose any illegal or suspect finances?