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Outside Pulse Did Police Make Timely Decisions to Act?
June 18, 2016 

MSNBC's Tamara Hall interviewed Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) shortly after the predicted "moment of silence" called by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). Remember that some in the House had stated that they grew tired of "pausing in a moment of silence" and then returning to work as usual (obstruction).

At the end of Ryan's moment of silence, Rep. Clyburn standing near the Speaker's chair began to raise the issue of gun control and to revisit legislation previously rejected by Republicans.

Speaker Ryan became noticeably rattled by Clyburn's request for recognition by the Speaker to begin his argument for immediate debate regarding assault weapon and other gun control issues. Speaker Ryan proceeded to chastise Clyburn for "interrupting the moment of silence" and summarily dismissed Clyburn's request based on Ryan's flimsy excuse of breaking the moment of silence slamming his gavel to signal the end of House proceedings. He immediately left the House chamber.

Afterwards, Tamara Hall interviewed Clyburn live on MSNBC by airing a video that clearly supported there was no hasty breach by the South Carolina Representative and in fact his account of Ryan's behavior was in fact verifiable the true course of Ryan's dismissive behavior and publically embarrassment of Clyburn.

Clyburn thanked Tamar Hall for first "showing the video of the true account of  Speaker Ryan dismissive attitude and behavior. Clyburn continued on with his take of the Orlando mass murder likening it to the Charlestown shootings of nine blacks at worship in their church concluding the Orlando shootings were just as much a "hate crime" in Orlando more than a "homegrown terrorist act" with ties to ISIS. Throughout the day I patiently awaited for updates on the Clyburn story and Speaker Ryan. There were none.

During further coverage by MSNBC a discussion ensued regarding the role of the local SWAT team members and a three hour delay before breaking through a wall, rescuing up to thirty hostages and the ensuing gun battle killing the shooter.

A question now emerged as to why FBI, SWAT and local authorities took three hours before taking decisive action in storming the Pulse nightclub and ending the carnage inside.

The official response from the authorities on the scene states that first, they were not certain as to the number of gunman inside the nightclub in preparing a strategy. Remember, this horrific ordeal for those shot inside began shortly after 2:00AM.

The second explanation is that the shooter in the calls to the 911 dispatcher boasted that he was the shooter and pledged allegiance to ISIS. In any of the following reports released to the public was it ever mentioned if the 911 dispatcher was able to discern that Mateen was acting alone. It is purported that the shooter had placed explosive vests to four of the hostages and placed them strategically in the four corners of the Pulse nightclub. Authorities named this threat as another deterrence to taking immediate action.

The law enforcement authorities outside directed the movements and actions of the brave members of the SWAT team from what no doubt from a relatively safe position. Some key questions come to mind.

The command had to be aware of the damage of the weapon in use and that those who fell victim if not dead would soon "bleed out" due to the critical injuries they suffered. Yet, three hours passed before an order came forth to end the carnage.

From numerous accounts first hand, the public saw or heard the text messages from hostages hiding from Mateen as he routinely made his way through the building inflicting carnage along his path. The now empowered Mateen even text messaged and received calls from his spouse during the three hours that lapsed. Law enforcement would only learn of these communications after interviewing his wife when the carnage was done.

But, this brings to mind some of the videos captured upon the arrival of the first responders. Several of those fleeing the nightclub were met on the street by uniformed policemen who ordered those in flight "to keep moving, run to a place of safety." It is odd one may think, did any of those relegated to the role of "traffic cop" or of the command on the scene ever question, "How many shooters are there inside or, do you believe there is more than one shooter?" "Did you witness the intruder carry in four explosive vests" which seems rather cumbersome to carry along with his deadly weapon, numerous clips of ammo and a hand gun? Was the security officer on duty who first engaged Mateen at the main entrance notice anything resembling explosives?" Accounts afterward reported the security off-duty policeman was able to evade the shooter and joined the SWAT forces that arrived later.

Lastly, and perhaps most important is the question of all the numerous text messages and calls for help made from the inside, did anyone offer or reply to key questions by 911 operators about the specifics of the number of shooters or attempt to verify that four hostages were strapped with suicide vests? As mentioned, several of the survivors made their escape from the patio area as it was nearest and most accessible means to flee. Were No doubt first responders had to question them, but did they inquire as to how many shooters or if they identified anything that may resemble explosives? Chances are from their vantage point just outside the club, they saw little in reacting to the sound of rapid fire. But, to my knowledge this was never reported to the public in the aftermath.

To the credit of local police, the SWAT team and FBI they are deserving of commendation of selfless courage in this tragedy. However, those in command must have possessed the knowledge of the devastating effect of those wounded inside. The command certainly were aware they had but a few precious minutes as the wounded bled out. 

For all their courage, their deliberate course of action may have caused more deaths. Three hours is an eternity for  victims and  families in prayers for action and hope their loved ones remained within the nightclub. What  may surface in the "official reports" to eventually be released that the command erred on the side of caution even though there was ample time to gather critical information to coordinate a viable plan of action. However, I would not count that any doubt will be placed upon the tactical actions of responders.

These questions that raise some degree of doubt are not allegations, but difficult areas to be investigated by independent review. Any doubt first presented for a viewer of footage aired by MSNBC were abandoned by that network in favor of obtaining a seemingly endless string of commentary by our politicians, debate over minutia of the gun debate and replaying the public display of outward shock and mourning of the families of the victims.

This failure of the networks to perform credible investigative journalism only adds to the mandate they now follow to pursue sensationalism over facts.

Further, the failure of corporate news media who boast bringing the facts before the public is a myth and hype for advertising their programming. This failure upon police follow-up points to a disregard to gather all pertinent data and the steps they followed. This bloody scene and massive carnage will now serve to haunt the families and the loved ones who died for a lifetime.