Wednesday, June 15, 2016




June 15, 2016

Just as predicted the House Republicans yesterday refused to entertain previous legislation introduced by Diane Feinstein (D-CA) that essentially ban sale of assault weapons to individuals who made the FBI top ten thousand list as a possible threat to security. Among the arguments for this bill is that those deemed to be classified as "No Fly" could not buy any weapon.

NRA position is that this legislation would be a threat to the Second Amendment Right for citizens to bear arms. They argue that a law abiding citizen may by some error or glitch, appear on the "no fly" list and denied their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Who is kidding who? I mean what are the chances of this to occur?  Is it maybe one in a million or even one in ten thousand is it not better to err on the side of caution? The law as written allows for provides for the citizen denied to appeal the ban with a decision within three days.

The NRA in reply to any ban on assault rifles as a violation of 2nd Amendment Rights. We all are aware of that. However, as of yesterday the single most important argument the NRA makes in defense of assault weapons is that they are used by law abiding citizens in the majority who use assault weapons for target practice at gun ranges!

So what if they are denied and it takes up to two months to clear their name as a potential threat? They can return to their play stations and have their fun as always.

This is inane argument in the perceived attack on the Second Amendment. It is as ludicrous as building a thousand mile wall on the border to Mexico. I can only deduce that Representatives in Congress whether Republican or Democrat are cow-towing to the weapon industry as it is the largest source of exports as well as sales in the United States. It is no secret that American production of assault and other weapons is number one in our economy, followed by pornography and launder of drug money.

Congress from every news report you see or view continues to nitpick on any change or modification to gun laws. It appears they will continue to talk and talk some more on any nuance of legislation. They have essentially killed the Feinstein bill and the Speaker refuses to go back for a second review.

This is a dereliction of duty and their oath to the People. They are there to serve and protect. I say any of the current congress who is accepting money from the gun lobby and refuses to entertain reform on assault weapons needs to be voted out of office.

Most will call for more restrictive action, but again I will keep to my argument that it does not take a rocket scientist to take at least a temporary measure while these idiots make their arguments and introduce their own insane legislation reforms.

One simple bill, one single piece of legislation is all it takes.

Congress Must Act NOW to place a temporary or time limited BAN on the sale and possession of Assault Weapons!

PEOPLE MUST DEMAND THIS "DO NOTHING" CONGRESS TO ACT NOW WITH A LIMITED BAN Perhaps 3 years as they take forever to debate, write with advice of Lobbyists and possibly bring to a Vote. Do you think we would see action if it their children?

Please share with anyone that may have the same concerns. More on this later!