Friday, July 8, 2016


Comcast IS a Monopoly & Holds America Hostage - from my blog June 6

JUNE 29, 2016

ELIZABETH WARREN Blasts Comcast, Calls For Stronger Anti-Trust Enforcement

June 6, 2016, I posted a blog detailing the facts as to how Comcast is a monopoly and should meet the same fate of the "banks too big to fail." In a piece posted on Daily Kos, my view is shared by many and on June 29, Senator Elizabeth Warren pointed to the same monopoly. 

Senator Warren as quoted by Daily Kos.

"Last year was Comcast's best year in nearly a decade," the Massachusetts Democrat said in prepared remarks for a speech. "But while big telecom giants have been consuming each other, consumers have been left out in the cold—facing little or no choice in service providers and paying through the nose for cable and internet service."
Warren's speech at a forum on monopolies came as part of her advocacy for greater enforcement of antitrust laws as American consumers pay higher prices for cable and Internet services than those elsewhere.  […]
"Strong executive leadership could revive antitrust enforcement in this country and begin, once again, to fight back against dominant market power and overwhelming political power," Warren said in the Capitol Visitor Center. "But we need something else too — and that’s a revival of the movement that created the antitrust laws in the first place."

The facts support my previous blog.

  1. COMCAST has evolved into a monopoly the likes we have not seen in years. The American public is at their mercy as in reality they are the only provider in town. Comcast has grown  as expediently as the revolution of the high Tech Industry over a short period of time, largely undetected by the general public.
     In reality, Comcast is the only game in town. This, a first sign of domination of a market just as a public utility. It is a service on par with gas, electric and water. With their control over vital services no one is free from their grip.

  2. COMCAST dominates the programming and the news they see fit for your consumption. This is no longer a democratic forum for all views to be heard.
    The major networks now feed the news they see fit. Comcast acquired from General Electric NBC, MSNBC and Universal. What we are now exposed twenty-four seven is the bias and private agenda of corporate executives or owners. 

  3. A third factor is price control and manipulation. Comcast can lease, rent equipment and offer premium or basic services. No matter how they "bundle" or "trundle" their packages, they control what services you receive and information accessible to you.
In Michigan it as if they are information managers in subscribed areas and they could care less what 'toxic water" they serve to the public. Where else can you expect such disregard for people but in Gov.Rick Snyder's State?  

In other countries such control would be labeled as Communism. Here, the privatized control of what is most important to a free society is promoted to be free market and a freewheeling form of capitalism. An economic system left to the design and control of a club of billionaires you will never be a part. They are as likely to impart critical information exposing  illegal or unethical business practices as to just handing out free money in election campaigns.